(Post Office Addresses in Parenthesis.)

NamePost OfficeOccupationAcres
ACKER, JULIA Mrs.(Harlemville)farmer10
Acker, Wm A.(Harlemville)farmer
Adams, David(Stuyvesant Falls)retired farmer124
Adams, Ebenezer(Ghent)farmer85
Adams, Samuel(Ghent)farmer101
Adams, Wm(Stuyvesant Falls)farmerleases of D. J. Falls
ALRUTZ, JOHN(Ghent)farmer52
AMBUHL, EDWARD(Ghent)general agent for Chickering & Sons' piano fortes
Angell, Augustus(Ghent)farmer160
ANGELL, WM. W.(Ghent)farmer170
ARNOLD, CHARLES J.(Ghent)farmer
Arnold, Hezekiah(Chatham Village)farmer107
Arnold, Jacob(Ghent)farmer175
Arnold, Wm. S.(Ghent)farmerleases of Wm. Stupplebeen
Bartlett, E. F.(Ghent)agent for Boston and Albany, and N. Y. and Harlem Railroads
BARTLETT HOUSE(Ghent)Cornelius Deyoe, prop.
Becker, Jane Mrs.(Hudson)farmer84
Becker, John(Harlemville)retired farmer115
BECKER, L. J.(Hudson)farmer
BECKER, WM. D.(Hudson)farmerleases of Mrs. Van Valkenburgh, 135 1/2
BICKERD, CHARLES S.(Ghent)miller
Blake, David(Ghent)farmerleases of Geo. Stickles
BLAKE, ROBERT(Ghent)carpenter and joiner
BLASS, ISAAC(Mellenville)farmerleases of Lorin Pulman, 150
Blinn,P. B.(Chatham Village)farmer185
BOWEN, ALBERT T.(Ghent)carpenter and joiner
Boyce, Chancey(Ghent)butcher and farmer67
BRISTOL & LAMPHEAR(Chatham Village)(Levbeus Bristol and Francis Lamphear,) grist and saw mills
BRISTOL, LEVBEUS(Chatham Village)(Bristol & Lamphear)
BROWNING, CHARLES(Chatham Village)farmer222
Browning, George(Ghent)farmerleases of Joshua Gray, 130
BROWNING, J. H.(Chatham Village)milkman and farmer66
BROWNING, MARY F., Mrs.(Chatham Village)resident
Browning, Oscar F.(Chatham Village)commercial broker
Browning, Perry M.(Chatham Village)farmer130
BUDLONG, JOHN C.(Ghent)blacksmith
Bushnell, S. G.(Chatham Village)nurseryman49
Clark, Elisha(Chatham Village)farmer70
Clement, Hugh(Ghent)blacksmith
COBURN, H. R.(Ghent)auctioneer and farmer170
Cole, Alexander(Kinderhook)farmer100
Cole, Mathias(Kinderhook)farmerleases of J. F. Fowler, 130
COLE, PETER(Stockport)milkman and farmer135
Conner, James(Ghent)farmer80
Coon, Robert N.(Chatham Village)school teacher and book agent
Coons & Fugison(Ghent)(Lewis Coons and Geo. D. Fugison) jobbers and builders
Coons, Lewis(Ghent)(Coons & Fugison)
COUSE, PHILO(Hudson)farmer94
Crane, Geo. H.(Chatham Village)milkman and farmer111
Crapser, Daniel(Philmont)farmer263
CRAPSER, DAVID(Hudson)farmer350
CRISSEY, C. H.(Chatham Village)foreman in J. Mowers paper mill
Cropp, Christian(Stottville)farmer38 1/2
Crost, E. O., Rev.(Philmont)pastor M. E. Church, Harlemville
Davis, Orlando C.(Ghent)carpenter and joiner
Dedrick, Henry C.(Ghent)farmer126
DEDRICK, JOHN P.(Ghent)farmer110
Dennis, Washington(Ghent)farmer60
DEYOE, CORNELIUS(Ghent)prop. of Bartlett House and farmer170
DRURY,JOHN B., Rev.(Ghent)pastor of First Reformed Church of Ghent
DUNSPAUGH, CYRUS V.(Ghent)farmer146
DUNSPAUGH, M., Mrs.(Ghent)farmer125
Emerick, Michael A.(Stockport)farmer10
ENGLE, PETER(Hudson)miller
Engle, Philip A.(Hudson)farmer135
FINGAR, JACOB C.(Hudson)farmer172
Finkle, James(Stuyvesant Falls)farmer160
Foland, Henry(Ghent)farmer150
FONDA, PETER I.(Hudson)(Heermance & Fonda)
Fowler, Geo. L.(Ghent)farmerleases of Wm. Rivenburgh
FOWLER, GEO. S.(Ghent)farmer135
Fowler, Henry(Ghent)farmer130
Fowler, John S.(Ghent)(with John A. New) farmer227
Fradenburgh, Jeremiah(Ghent)farmer81
Freehan, Charles(Ghent)shoemaker
Fugison, Geo. D.(Ghent)(Coons & Fugison)
GARNER, AARON C.(Ghent)farmer510
Garey, Wm.(Ghent)carpenter and joiner
GARVEY, CHAUNCEY D.(Harlemville)carpenter, prop. of saw mill and farmer16
Gay, Charles B.(Ghent)harness manuf.
George, Harrison(Ghent)farmerleases of Henry Rivenburgh, 113
George, John G.(Ghent)farmer145
Goodsel, Ebenezer(Philmont)farmer100
GRAY, CATHARINE, Mrs.(Ghent)farmer5
Gray, Gosman(Ghent)brakeman
Gray, Joshua W.(Ghent)farmer130
GREEN, JAMES(Ghent)(Green & Sons)
GREEN, JAMES H.(Ghent)(Green & Sons)
Green & Son(Ghent)(James & James H.) homeopathic physicians
GROAT, CYRUS(Mellenville)revenue assessor and farmer136
GROAT, EDWARD(Kinderhook)farmer143 1/2
Groat, John A.(Hudson)blacksmith
GROAT, JOHN C.(Mellenville)farmer140
GROAT, MARSDEN A.(Ghent)farmer
GROAT, PHILIP(Kinderhook)farmer70
HARDER, JACOB W.(Ghent)farmer216
Harder, J. W. B.(Ghent)school teacher and farmer
Harder, P. M.(Mellenville)manuf. of men's underwear and farmer135
HARDER, ROBERT(Ghent)farmerleases of Mrs. C. Nash, 215
HARDER, WM.(Ghent)farmer101
HARDER, WM. L.(Stockport)nurseryman and farmer30
Hardick, Mathew(Stuyvesant Falls)farmer260
HARRIS, WM. D.(Ghent)dealer in drugs, medicines and general merchandise
Head, Jonathan(Kinderhook)farmer100
HEERMANCE & FONDA(Hudson)(Henry P. Heermance & Peter I. Fonda) merchant millers
HEERMANCE, HENRY P.(Hudson)(Heermance & Fonda)
Heermance, W. H.(Hudson)farmer
HENRY, MARTIN, Jr.(Mellenville)farmer103
Hermance Bros.(Hudson)(Peter W. and Chas. S.) carpenters and builders
Hermance, Chas. S.(Hudson)(Hermance Bros.)
Hermance, Peter W.(Hudson)(Hermance Bros.)
Herrick, Nathan(Stuyvesant Falls)farmer134
Hess, Amie Miss(Philmont)school teacher
HESS, JACOB F.(Philmont)farmer63
Hoffman, Nancy Mrs.(Ghent)resident
Hogbe, Abram(Chatham Village)farmer1 3/4
HOGBE, HANNAH Mrs.(Chatham Village)resident
Hogeboom, J. T.(Ghent)U. S. general apprisor for port of New York
Hogeboom, N. C.(Ghent)blacksmith and farmer5
Holland, E.(Ghent)W. U. Telegraph operator and asst. agent Boston, N. Y. and Harlem R. R.
HOLSAPPLE, JOHN H.(Ghent)farmer200
HOXIE, RANDALL(Ghent)farmer130
Hunt, Alfred(Chatham Village)builder and jobber
ISBISTER, GEO.(Stockport)farmer170
Jacobie, B. Mrs.(Mellenville)farmer101
Jacobie, Charles(Philmont)farmer150
Jacobie, John H.(Mellenville)farmer84
JACOBIE, PETER S.(Philmont)farmer170
JONES, JOHN B.(Ghent)agent for A. M. Tracy
Kane, Patrick(Ghet)farmer20
KEANE, MICHAEL(Ghent)farmer101
KISSELBURGH, GEO. A.(Ghent)justice of the peace, secretary of Ghent Mutual Insurance Co. and farmer142
KITTLE, ABRAHAM(Ghent)farmer165
Kittle, Abram(Philmont)(with John Phipps) farmer185
Kittle, Andrew H.(Ghent)farmer130
Kittle, Geo.(Ghent)farmer126
Kittle, Geo. H.(Hudson)farmerleases of Mrs. E. Mesick, 120
Kittle, H. B.(Ghent)(with H. D.) farmer94
Kittle, H. D.(Ghent)(with H. B.) farmer94
Kittle, Jeremiah(Ghent)farmer90
Kittle, Nicholas(Ghent)farmer124 1/4
Kittle, William G.(Stuyvesant Falls)farmer137
Kuss, Henry(Ghent)farmer8
LAMPHEAR, FRANCIS(Chatham Village)(Bristol & Lamphear)
LANE, JOSEPH D.(Ghent)farmer100
LANE, STEPHEN S.(Ghent)farmer119
LAPHAM, HIRAM(Stottville)farmer120
LASHER, EZRA(Ghent)inspector of elections and farmer127
LASHER, THOMAS(Ghent)farmer195 1/2
Leggett, Charles E.(Hudson)farmerleases of J. F. Leggett, 160
LEGGETT, JOHN I.(Stuyvesant Falls)farmer164
Leggett, John T.(Hudson)farmer194
LEGGETT, WM.(Hudson)farmer140
Leggett, Wm. I.(Ghent)butcher
Link, George W.(Hudson)farmer
LINK, LEVI(Ghent)horse tamer and farmer
Link, Philena and Sarah(Ghent)farmers12
LINK, RICHARD(Hudson)farmer140
LINK, ZACHARIAH H.(Ghent)farmer218
MACY, ABRAHAM(Ghent)school teacher
Macy, Geo. G.(Ghent)farmer103
Macy, Henry I.(Ghent)farmer102
Macy, R. W.(Ghent)farmer143
Martin, Eugene(Ghent)(Martin & Son)
Martin & Son(Ghent)(Wm. F. and Eugene) carriage makers and blacksmiths
Martin, Wm. F.(Ghent)(Martin & Son)
MCKIBBEN, HENRY(Ghent)switchman, H. & B. R. R.
McKibben, Henry(Ghent)blacksmith
MEGURT, CHRISTOPHER(Ghent)house and carriage painter
MELIUS, DAVID H.(Ghent)farmer123 1/4
MELIUS,JOHN H.(Ghent)(Mesick & Melius)
MESICK, ELIZA, Mrs.(Hudson)farmer120
MESICK, FREDERICK(Ghent)(Mesick & Melius)
Mesick, John I.(Hudson)retired farmer6
MESICK & MELIUS(Ghent)(Frederick Mesick and John H. Melius) freighters
Mesick, Peter F.(Chatham Village)farmer563
Mesick, Philip(Ghent)farmer150
Miller, Charles A.(Mellenville)farmer120
MILLER CORNELIUS, Jr.(Ghent)farmer170
Miller, Cornelius E.(Ghent)farmerleases of David Crapser, 164
MILLER, GEORGE L.(Ghent)farmer660
Miller, Jacob I.(Harlemville)justice of the peace and farmer250
Miller, Jacob P.(Harlemville)farmerleases of J. I. Miller, 100
MOETT, ALEXANDER M.(Ghent)farmer
MOORE, EDWARD(Stuyvesant Falls)farmer208
MOORE, SAMUEL(Ghent)physician of County Alms House
Moroney, Morris(Chatham Village)laborer and farmer3
Moul, Cornelius(Mellenville)farmer56
Moul, Jacob I.(Mellenville)farmer115
MOUL, JOHN S.(Chatham Village)head miller with Bristol & Lamphear
Moul, Wm.(Mellenville)farmer140
MOWER, JOHN S.(Ghent)paper mill
Mower, Martin(Ghent)farmer153
Mull, Philip W.(Ghent)homeo. physician and surgeon
Nash, C. Mrs.(Ghent)farmer215
NASH, CHARLES B.(Hudson)prop. of Columbia Springs
New, Alexander(Hudson)farmer118
NEW, CHARLES(Harlemville)farmer
NEW, HENRY E.(Hudson)farmer105
New, Jacob P.(Hudson)farmer115
New, John A.(Ghent)(with John S. Fowler) farmer227
New, Norman(Hudson)farmer92
New, Peter I.(Harlemville)farmer128
NEW, SILAS B.(Ghent)farmer252
Niles, Wm. C.(Ghent>straw mill
ODAY, MICHAEL(Hudson)farmer100
Ostrander, Albert C.(Mellenville)town assessor and farmer192
Ostrander, James H.(Mellenville)farmer100
OSTRANDER, JOHN M.(Hudson)farmer200
Parker, Geo. A.(Chatham Village)cider manuf. and farmer108
PARSONS, HOSEA B.(Chatham Village)farmer97 1/2
Patrie, Nelson(Ghent)carriage maker and small beer manuf.
Perkins, Cariscina Mrs.(Ghent)prop. of hotel
Peterson, Benj.(Stockport)farmer136
Philip, Dilaway F.(Stockport)farmer125
PHILIP, JOHN(Ghent)(Philip & Sons)
PHILIP, JOHN W.(Ghent)(Philip & Sons)
PHILIP, PETER(Stockport)manuf. of wire heddles, prop. of grist mill and farmer165
PHILIP, RICHARD H.(Ghent)(Philip & Sons)
PHILIP & SONS(Ghent)(John, Richard H. and John W.) wagon makers and blacksmiths
Philips, John S.(Ghent)farmer100
Philips, Peter P.(Ghent)farmer100
Phipps, John(Philmont)(with Abraham Kittle) farmer185
Porter, Curtis H.(Ghent)farmer80
Powell, Geo. T.(Ghent)farmer
Powell, Townsend(Ghent)fruit raiser and farmer104
Raab, Jacob(Stottville)farmer10
Rapp, Peter(Kinderhook)farmer100
Riley, C.(Chatham Village)farmer30
RIVENBERGH, JACOB(Ghent)farmer84
Rivenburgh, C. S. Mrs(Ghent)reident
Rivenburgh, Edward H.(Ghent)constable and farmerleases of Henry Rivenburgh, 78
Rivenburgh, Geo. A.(Ghent)farmer16
RIVENBURGH, HENRY(Ghent)farmer321
Rivenburgh, Wm.(Ghent)farmer130
Rivenburgh, Wm. Henry(Ghent)poor master and farmer
Rossman, Rudolphus(Hudson)farmer175
Rowley, Nathan(Mellenville)station agent, Pulver Station, H. & B. R. R.
Russel, Hugh(Ghent)farmer140
RUSSELL, SAMUEL(Ghent)farmer110
Sagendorf, Wm. E.(Hudson)farmer145
Sagendorph, Robert(Stockport)farmer160
SEBRING, E. N. Rev.(Hudson)pastor Second Reformed Church of Ghent
Shafer, Jacob(Harlemville)farmer
SHAFER, MICHAEL(Harlemville)farmer190
Shafer, Valentine(Harlemville)farmer
Sharidan, John(Ghent)farmer100
SHARP, PHILIP J.(Ghent)farmer85
SHARP, SOLOMON(Stockport)supervisor and farmer200
Sharpe, John(Ghent)mason
SHAVER, ALMON(Harlemville)farmer200
SHAVER, JOHN(Harlemville)farmer150
Shavor, Jacob(Ghent)retired
Sherwood, Andrew J.(Ghent)blacksmith
Shields, Thomas(Ghent)farmerleases 200
Shufelt, Cornelius(Chatham Village)farmer148
SHUFELT, JACOB(Philmont)farmer270
Shufelt, Jacob D.(Harlemville)farmerleases
SHUFELT, JACOB P.(Mellenville)speculator and farer115
Shufelt, John D.(Chatham Village)farmer104
SHUFELT, KATE MISS(Harlemville)resident
SHUFELT, PETER(Ghent)farmer100
Shufelt, Valentine(Harlemville)farmer240
Shult, Henry(Ghent)farmer123
SHUTTS, THEODORE R.(Kinderhook)farmer
Skinkle, Charles H.(Hudson)farmer140
SMITH, OLIVER P.(Hudson)farmer142 1/2
Smith, W. & H.(Mellenville)props. of paper mill and farmer215
SNYDER, FREDERICK H.(Ghent)town assessor and farmer105
Snyder, Geo. S.(Ghent)carpenter, millwright, justice of the peace and collector
Snyder, Geo. T.(Ghent)farmerleases of H. T. Snyder, 126
Snyder, H. S.(Harlemville)deputy sheriff and farmerleases of J. Snyder, 110
Snyder, H. T.(Ghent)farmer126
Snyder, John E.(Ghent)farm laborer
SNYDER, S. M. MRS.(Ghent)resident
SNYDER, TUNIS H.(Ghent)commissioner of highways and farmerleases of A. C. Garner, 300
Speed, Abraham(Ghent)carpenter and joiner
SPEED, SYLVANUS(Ghent)carpenter and joiner
SPENGLER, HENRY C.(Ghent)custom and merchant miller
Spengler, S. M. Mrs.(Ghent)farmer100
Stadt, Frederick C.(Hudson)farmer42
Stickels, Henry(Ghent)farmerleases of Geo. L. Miller
Stickels, Jesse A.(Mellenville)farmer110
STICKELS, SARAH Mrs.(Mellenville)resident
STICKLES BROTHERS(Ghent)(Geo. O. and W. A.) general merchants
STICKLES, GEO. O.(Ghent)(Stickles Brothers)
STICKLES, W. A.(Ghent)(Stickles Brothers) inspector of elections
STORM, FREDERICK(Hudson)carriage maker and farmer32
Stupplebeen, Harmon G.(Ghent)farmerleases of G. A. Stupplebeen, 93
Stupplebeen, Henry(Hudson)farmer155
STUPPLEBEEN, JACOB(Ghent)general merchant and postmaster
STUPPLEBEEN, JACOB H.(Ghent)dealer in patent hay forks nd farmerleases of Wm. Stupplebeen, 100
Stupplebeen, Martin V.(Ghent)farmer130
STUPPLEBEEN, WM.(Ghent)farmer140
Sweet, Rowland(Chatham Village)farmer135
TATOR, WM. H.(Hudson)stock dealer and farmer160
TEATOR, J. E.(Ghent)carpenter and joiner
TENBROECK, PHILIP C.(Mellenville)farmer
Tenbroeck, Walter V.(Mellenville)farmer166
TEN BROECK,W. E.(Ghent)agent for agricultural implements and farmer84
Tipple, Edwin(Hudson)farmer130
Tipple, Jacob P.(Hudson)farmer150
TRACY, A. M.(Ghent)speculator, dealer in farm produce and farmer194
TRACY, E. D. C.(Ghent)farmerleases of J. T. Hogeboom, 215
Traver, Frank H.(Ghent)carpenter
*UNDERHILL, E. B.(Ghent)groceries, hardware, agricultural implements, also town clerk
VAN BUREN, JOHN T.(Ghent)school teacher
Vancent, Watter(Ghent)farmer15
Van Deusen, Stephen(Chatham Village)gardener and fruit raiser11
Van Valkenburgh, Isaac(Hudson)carpenter and farmer125
Van Valkenburgh, Isaac(Hudson)farmer7
VAN VALKENBURGH, JAMES C.(Hudson)farmer160
Vincent, David W.(Ghent)fruit tree agent and farmer
Vincent, Harriet W. Mrs(Ghent)farmer60
Vincent, Stephen B.(Ghent)farmer
VOSBURGH, ABRAM(Ghent)farmer130
Vosburgh, David(Ghent)farmer130
VOSBURGH, JOHN(Ghent)meat and fish market
Vosburgh, Wm. W.(Ghent)farmer92
WAGAR, ABRAM H.(Ghent)(with Barney) farmer200
WAGAR, BARNEY(Ghent)(with Abram) farmer200
WAGAR, WESLEY B.(Ghent)dealer in agricultural implements and farmer185
WALTERMIRE, DAVID M.(Ghent)farmer108
Waltermire, Jessie(Kinderhook)farmer83
WALTERMIRE, MICHAEL I.(Ghent)farmer79 1/2
Watermyre, David(Ghent)carpenter and building mover
Wattermire, Jacob H.(Harlemville)farmer210
Wattermire, Jacob I.(Ghent)farmer4
WHITE, WM. H.(Ghent)carpenter and joiner, jobber and builder
WHITEMAN, ABRAM(Harlemville)thresher and farmer80
Whiteman, Philip(Philmont)butcher and farmer50
WILBUR, ALVIN(Ghent)keeper of Columbia Co. Poor House
Wilcox, Valentine J.(Chatham Village)farmer73
WILLIAMS, M. E.(Chatham Village)dealer in horses and farmerleases estate of J. Best, 30
Winegar, Mary E.(Hudson)farmer25
WINN, ALBERT S.(Ghent)farmer127
Winn, Arthur(Ghent)farmerleases of S. M. Winn, 100
WINN, CHILON(Ghent)farmer100
Winn, Joseph H.(Ghent)farmer4
Winn, S. M.(Ghent)farmer99
Winyard, John(Ghent)farmer59

Business Directory
Columbia County, N. Y.

Compiled and Published by
Hamilton Child

printed at the Journal office, 23 & 24 E. Washington Street

pp. 237-243

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