Abstracts of Deeds

Philip H. Holsapple to Anthony Poucher, 17 June 1802

Deed Book B2/154-156

(Date recorded is not in the book, but probably was recorded at the end of May 1808 since the previous entry was recorded 18 May 1808. This book was rewritten in the late 1800's)

Deed from Philip H. Holsapple of the town of Claverack in the County of Columbia, Farmer, and Caty, his wife, to Anthony Poucher of the same place, Farmer.

For the sum of $350

All that certain piece, parcel, tract and lot of land, situate lying and being in Claverack aforesaid. Beginning at a stake and stones bearing South twelve degrees East distant six chains and fifty links from the Southeast corner of the widow Clapper's farm , and runs thence South eighty four degrees west four chains and fifty links, thence South South one degree East six chains and fifty five links, South fifty degrees and forty five minutes West, fifteen chains and seventy seven links, to stake and stones., the Southwest corner of George A. Anderson's tract. thence along the bounds of the least of the said Philips farm, South one degree and thirty minutes East, three chains and fifty one links, to a Stake and Stones inside of C. Dedericks fence. South nineteen degrees and thirty minutes East, nineteen chains and twenty five links. South eighty one degrees and thirty minutes East eighteen chains and twenty five links, to a stake being the Southeast corner of the said Pouchers tract, thence between said Poucher and Frederick Clapper North - (illeg.) degrees East seventeen chains and eighty five links to a stake on the edge of the swamp. North eighty seven degrees West four chains and eighty five links. North twelve degrees West twenty three chains and fifty links to the place of beginning. containing sixty five acres, three roods and thirty five Perches....

Subject nevertheless to the rents, payments, covenants & conditions mentioned and expressed in a certain Indenture of lease of the premises, made and executed by John Van Rensselaer, deceased, to Philip Holsapple.

Sealed and delivered in the presence of
J. D. Monell
Killian Miller

Philip H. Holsapple (L.S.)

Caty x Holsapple (L.S.)

The words And Caty his wife interlined before execution

On 2 May 1803 personally appeared before Stephen Hogeboom, Esqr., one of the judges of the Court of Common Pleas the within Philip H. Holsapple and his wife Caty, proven by oath of George Anderson that Caty is the lawful wife of Philip H. Holsapple.