Abstracts of Deeds

Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer to William Z. Holsapple, 1 May 1822 (Recorded 25 February 1829)

Deed Book M/445

Deed from Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer of Claverack in the County of Columbia, Esquire to William Z. Holsapple of the same place, Farmer.

For the sum of $1.

All that certain piece or parcel of Land Situate in Claverack aforesaid Beginning at a point on the northerly side of the old Barrington road which was on the date of the said written engagements the south west corner of Jacob Waggoners possession & adjoining the said road thence northerly along the said possession to the northeast corner of the lot occupied and possessed by John Myers thence westerly along the fence of the said John Myers to the North west corner thereof thence Southerly along the fence of the fence of the said John Myers to the said Barrington road & thence along the same to the place of beginning & also all his right & title of in & to all lands in possession of the said William Holsapple (part of the Enderson farm) lying southerly of & adjoining the farm of Jacob Esselstyne and Easterly of a line beginning at a rough apple tree in the south line of the said Jacob Esselstyne & near the south west corner of the farm of the said Jacob Esselstyne & nearly adjoining a certain road leading southerly from the dwelling house lately owned by Benjamin Kellogg now owned by the said Jacob & occupied by Joseph C. Holmes to Churchtown & to run from the said apple tree Southerly to the intersection of the said road with a straight line passing through a point in the first crop fence of the said William Z. Holsapple distant twenty five feet from the fence lying on the easterly side of the said road & northerly & westerly of the leased lines of the said Enderson farm...

And this Indenture further witnesseth that the said Jacob doth agree to Let the said William Z. Holsapple plant with Indian Corn that part of the Lot lying westerly of the said line running southerly from the apple tree aforesaid & to remove the stone wall thereon standing adjoining the said road Provided the same to be removed in the course of the present year the possession of which piece so hereby permitted to be planted shall be deemed taken & considered to be in the said Jacob from & after the first day of November next but not so as to authorize an exposure of the crop of the said William except it shall become necessary for the purpose of laying out & working a road across the same on the westerly side of and adjoining the said line running southerly as aforesaid from the said apple tree

Sealed and delivered in the presence of J. Rutsen Van Rensselaer

J. Rutsen Van Rensselaer L.S.

Walter Pattersonn, one of the Commissioners of Deeds certified that on 9 January 1829, Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer appeared before him to acknowledge the above deed.