Abstracts of Deeds

Solomon Munger to Jacob Holsapple, 31 March 1831 (Recorded 5 May 1831)

Deed Book P/547-549

Deed from Solomon Munger of the Town of Claverack in the County of Columbia & State of New York and Catharine, his wife, to Jacob Holsapple of the same place.

For the sum of $440.78

All that certain piece parcel or Lot of Land Situate Lying or being in the Town County & State aforesaid Beginning at a point South fifty Seven degrees & thirty minutes west Twenty three Links from a Peach tree & runs thence along Said Hulsapples South Eighty Three degrees East one Chain & Eighty Links North eighty Eight degrees east Three chains & forty links North Seventy Nine degrees thirty minutes East one chain & sixty two links then North Nine degrees & fifteen minutes east Six chains & twenty five Links to a Hickery Tree North Seventeen degrees & fifteen minutes east four Chains Sixty Links North Three degrees thirty minutes east one chain & forty Links North Six chains & ten Links then north Sixty Nine degrees & fifteen minutes West four Chains & Sixteen Links then South fifteen degrees West Twenty Chains & forty Eight Links to the Place of beginning Containing Eleven Acres & Twenty Perches of Land.

Also one other piece or Lot of Land Beginning on a point on the Southerly Side of the Road Leading from the House of Said mungers to said Hulsapples adjoining the Land of said Hulsapples & runs from thence South Eighty degrees & thirty minutes West Eleven chains and Ninety one links to a Black Oak Tree Thence West forty Two degrees & thirty minutes East four chains and Eighty links then North Ten degrees West eight chains and thirty two Links to the place of Beginning Containing one acre two roods & thirteen Perches of Land.

Sealed and delivered in the presence of James Rowley

Solomon + Munger L.S.

Catharine + Munger L.S.

James Rowley, one of the Commissioners of Deeds, certified that on the thirty first day of March 1831, Solomon Munger and Catharine, his wife, appeared before him to acknowledge the above deed.