Abstracts of Deeds

Philip H. Holtsapple to Philip Pulver and Anthony Micheal, 22 April 1817 (Recorded 25 July 1831)

Deed Book Q/491

Deed from Philip H. Holtsapple the town of Claverack in the County of Columbia Yeoman and Catharine, his wife to Philip Pulver and Anthony Micheal of the same place yeoman

For the sum of $50.

...in his actual possession now being butted and bounded as follows To wit bounded on the west by lands of Jeremiah Hoffman on the north by lands of John Jordan on the East by lands of Thomas Witbeck and on the south by lands of Jacob Plass being on the Hill about one half mile east from Hoffmans gate which stands on the Columbia Turnpike road Containing by estimation one hundred and forty acres of land be it more or less

Sealed and delivered in the presence of The words "and Anthony Micheal" between 5th and 6th lines first page first interlined John J. Miller

Philip H. Holtsapple L.S.
Catharine + Holtsapple L.S.

John J. Miller certified that on 22 April 1817, Philip H. Holtsapple and and his wife Catharine appeared before him to acknowledge the above deed.