The Inventory of the 1787 Estate of Casparus Cole

An inventory of the goods & Chattles of the Estate of Casparus Cole, Deceas'd.

Eight milk Cows, Five bulls, one of three years old, one of two, & three of one year old Each two heiffers. one of two years, the other of one year old, three yong Calves two steers the other a bull, one old white mare, one Dito Dito horse, one white mare a bay horse & mare of thirteen years old Each. one gray mare three year old, one bay horse colt two years old thirteen dung hill fowls, one old Iron shod wagon, one Dito rack wagon Iron shod, one Dito Dito Cart, one Dito wheel plough, one foot plough without share or colter, one Iron tooth Drag, one wood shod sleigh, one old Iron shod sleigh, one Iron shod sleigh, one sett of old harness, a pair of new wipple trees & Neck yoke painted & Iron shod, one Draft Chain, one Iron wedge, one mans saddle, one womans saddle, & a bridle. three grass syths, two siths, three axes, one stubben how, two broad hows, one hand saw, a(--) one Drawing knife, one gouge, three augers, one weaving Loam. six Reeds & old Harness of Different sorts, one old warpinbars, one pair of sysenbrushes, one temple, one Iron pot Containing 12 Gallons, two Dito 4 1/2 Gallons Each, 2 tramble, one pair of hand Irons old, one tongs, one old Iron Dung shovel, one Iron back, one Dung fork, one Dito hay, one Cubboard, painted Brown, one Bread Cubboard, one Cherry slawbuncks, three tabels, two Great Chears, thee old Dito small, three Chests, two Gin Cases with bottles, & one without, one Gallon Guge, one Frying pan, one tea Cittle. Eleven teacups & sausers, one pinte bole, one puter pinte measure, one old puter teapot, one old looking glass, two brasen Candlestick one Iron Candlestick, one snuffer, two silver table spoons, Eight silver Tea spoons, one silver stock buckkels, one pair of silver Clasps, one tin Lanthorn, one Dito Candlemould, one Driping pan, one skemer. one Iron ladle, 2 lb puter spoons. one Dreser in the Citchen,one syder Hogshead & three berrells & one tiers, one meat tub with Iron hoops, one Dito with woddenhoop, two water pails with Iron hoop, Four milktubs & three buttertubs, one Churn with wodden hoops, Four kives & ten Forkes, one Large Dutch Bible, one small Dito English, one Psalm Book, Two prayer Books, one Large tinbason, one old straw bed, two pillows & one blanket, one set of old Curtens, two guns, one powder horns & a sword, one pepper mill, one Chery stand, one woollen wheel, one spinning wheel, & three broken spinning wheels, one pair of old wool Cards, one Quill wheel, one tunel, one rasor, a shaven box, three Linnen Draw Collars, one new sleigh line, one skepel measure with Iron hoops. Eighteen sheep & nine Lambs, one straw bench with a knife, one old Corn pin, one riddle, three raw hides, two large Baskets, six smaller sized ones, one kneeding tray, one Largeknot tray, one small knot bole, two knot Dishes, three wood Dishes, one with tray, three wodden sugar Boxes, six fine hair Combs, one pair of stillards, one (--) Gill cup, one Dito sugar Box, one Hundred & a half weight of smoak'd Gammon, (--) lb of pikkled pork, twenty lb & three Quarters of smoak'd beef, tho Cart load of (--)y, & a half a Cart load of Good hay in the barn, & in the barrack up to the top (of) the braces, one tin grater, one washing tub, two (berrels?) one head each, Four Flower berrels & Bushel of Patatoes, a flax brackkle,

Inventory of Names & ages of the Blacks belonging to the Estate of the afore mentioned Deceased as follows:

One Negro woman named Dian aged thirty six years, one Dito girl named Nan aged Eleven years, one Dito Named betty Aged seven years, one Negro boy named Harry aged twenty three years, one Dito named tom aged Ninteen years, one Dito named Ben aged Five years, one Dito named Jack aged Nine years, one Dito named (--)uch aged Ninteen months.

Filed May 7, 1787