The Inventory of the 1787 Estate of Johannis P. Haver

An Inventary of the parsonal Estate of Johanis P. Haver Deciesed.

twelve Chairs - one waggon Chair
three Chists
one Case with saven bottles
three Iron pots one frying pan
one brass kittle
4 pails With hinger and hoops
3 milks pails 5 artin pots
2 Spinning weels one reel
one Woollin Weel
one Loom with all is wanted to it
one pair hand Irons tonge and Shovel
two tringles
one tee kittle
four puter hollow Dishes and one flat Do
two Small kittles tin and two fannels
three mags of a quart Each and two Do of one paint
one qurt kanter one Small do two glasses
four artin Dishes 7 peuuter plates
Some Small articles too tedious to mantion
three Candlesticks
three Jogs
four barrals one five Gallon Cag one Drinking Cag
one Gon and one hand saw one drass in knive and one Square
one looking Glass one Small do
one Churn 4 wodin bouls one ciparing Slait
one Caffee mill and Grind Stone and one Saddle
Six mares two horsis
five milks Cows two haffars three haffars yearling
Four oxin and one bull one milk calf
twalve Sheep 7 lambs
Six hags and four pigs
one Waggon one plishure Slay
one Iron bound Sayd and one Woodin Slay
one Dong fork one Spaid three ptch forks one widge
three axess three hoos one stubing hoo
One plouw one small Do to plouw Corn
to one harrow to one flax brake one wind mill to Clean weat
two Setts - tackling for ye waggon
two tables and one Slabbank
one lantern and two Peuter tea pots
one log Chain and father bad and other badding
and Sivaril articles to tedeus to mantion
May 8th. 1787

Gertruy + Haver
Sworn before me
R. R. Van Rensselaer £ 148.0.16