The Inventory of the 1787 Estate of George Peter Heiser

Inventory of the Personal Estate of George Peter Heiser Deceased consisting of Goods & Chattles. German Camp April the 12, 1787

1Feather Bed consisting of a Homespun Ticken, Four Pillows, on Blanket, one Woolen Sheet, one Straw Bed; Three linen Sheets, four Pillow Cases
3Straw Beds
2Feather Beds
1New Blanket
1Old Blanket
2Woolen Sheets
1Woolen Ditto
7Linen Sheets
6Pillow Cases
6# of Feathers in a Bag
oneBlack Coat & Jacket
1light Brown Couloured Coat
1homespun Jacket
1old Castor-Hatt
2pair of Linen Britches
2old Jackets
1old velvet pair of Britches
2pair of Woolen (---)
1Swan-Skin underjacket
1Linen Jacket
2pair of Buckskin Britches
1homespun Jacket
1Blue Watch-Coat
4pair of Black Woolen Stockings
2pair of Blue Stockings
1pair of Worsted Stockings
1Wollen Shirt
1Walking Stick
1Fine Linen Shirt
2Coarse Linen Shirts
5Linen Shirts
1pair of Worsted Stockings
1pair of Sheep-skin Mens Gloves
1pair of Woolen Ditto
1Iron lock and Key
1Guinea at 37/4
1half Guinea at 18/8
In Silver and Coppers £ 1:13: 0
TwoCases with 3 pint Bottles
1large Pewter Dish
16Pewter Plates
2Pewter Tea Pots
2Pewter Dishes
1Small Bason
3Wine Glasses
1Gill Tumbler
1Wine Glass
2Iron Ladles, one of which is a Skimer
1Pewter Bason
3Earthen Cups
2Mustard Ditto
2Earthen Juggs
1Brass Candlestick
1Iron Ditto
1Earthen Bason
1Black Milk-pot
5pairs of earthen Tea Cups & Saucers
4China Tea Saucers & Seven Cups
1pepper Mill
2Earthen Potts
1Iron Candlestick
5Earthen Dishes
6Earthen Plates
1Candle Snuffer
1Tobacco Box
1Pewter pint Mug
1Tin quart Ditto
1Sugar Box
1Salt Celler
2Tea Canisters
1Sugar Box
1Small Vial
2Earthen Tea Potts
11Chocolate Cups
3half Gallon Flasks
1Pewter quart Mug
2Quart Bottles
1quart Bowl
1Pewter Ladle
1Small funel
10Knives & 10 Forks
1 pint Bottle
1/2 pint Ditto
1Tin Coffee Case
1Small looking Glass
2Smothing Irons
1New Testament
1Spelling Book
1Register Book
1Psalter Book
1prayer book
1Stillies (?)
1Riding Whip
11Earthen Potts
1Gallon Jugg
1Iron bound Hogshead with about one barrel Cyder in it
2Tierces (?)
7Pewter Spoons
1Grate, Iron
2Candle Moulds
1Brass Kettle containing about 6 pales
1Brass Ditto old & mended, containing about 3 pales
Shovel & Tongs
2pair of AndIrons
1pair of Tongs & Shovels
1Iron Pott containing about 1 pale & half
1Ditto Iron Pot
1Iron Candlestick
Threepales two of which are Iron bound
1Small Iron bound pale
1pale Iron bound
1large Wooden Dish
1Small pale
1Spinning Wheel
1Waggon Chair
1Square Wild Cherry Table
anIron Toaster
1Reed through the 9 hundred & combs
1Reed through the 7 hundred & combs
1Reed through the 5 hundred
1Reed through the 8 hundred & combs
1Weavers loom & Temples
The Warp Reel, The Spool Wheel
1Old Iron Shod Waggon
1Pleasure Slay
7Silver Teaspoons
3Chests, two of which belong in the Division
1Small Trunk
1Gun, 1 Sword, 2 Powderhorns
1Brass Ink Stand and Case
3Cows, 3 Heifers
1Bullox of Two years old
1Ditto of one year
1Breeding Mare with fole
5Hoggs 1 1/2 year old each
3Piggs 1/2 year old
4Sheep & 2 Lambs
1Empty Hogshead
1Large Round Dining Table
2Raw Calf Skins
1Wheel Plow without Shear
19Boards 2 of which are New
1Large Bee Hive
1Half Bee Hive
2# of Soal Leather
upper leather for 2 pair of Shoes
a piece of Calfskin
1Watering pot
2Bridle Bits
14Bushels of wheat
7Bushels of Indian Corn
5Empty Bags and one Small Ditto
1Hogshead with 4 Iron hoops & one bottom in it
1Ditto with 3 Iron hoops & one bottom in it
1half Hhds with Wooden hoops & one Bottom in it
4Bushels of Oats
1Blowing horn
1pair of Sheep Shears
1Small Tub
125# of Smoaked Pork
2Turkies - 10 Geese
1Barrel of Cyder without Cork
3yards of Homespun Cloth
2Bushels of Rye
1Small Iron Bar
1Pair of Silver Sleeve Buttons
Filed May 7, 1787