The Inventory of the 1787 Estate of Aaron Pabody

A true Inventory of the personal property and household furniture of Aaron Pabody, disceased, taken by Ezra Pabody & Ezekiel Hackley, Administrators, this 7th day of July, 1787.

1Iron Kettle containing 12 quarts
1Pair flat irons
1Stone Jug containing 6 quarts
3Iron Crains Wt 26 lb 1/4, challenged for Henry Van Schaak
2Meal Chests containing 10 bushels
12 lb of hens feathers|
3Bed Blankets|
1Frying Pan|
1Shovel and pair of tongs|
6Puter Plates|
2Puter Basons| M
3do. Platters small| u
1do. Cup cont one pint| c
1Small Brass Kettle| h
1Small Skillet, unsound|
1Small Iron Pot, do.| w
1Spinning Wheal| o
1Churn | r
4Chairs| n
1Small Looking Glass|
1Old Gun and a lock & barrel| a
1Cartridge Box| n
2Saddles| d
80Feet poor cherry boards |
1Grass Sythe| d
1Brush do.| a
1Broad Axe| m
1Broad Hatchet| a
1Adz| g
1Hand Saw and Sash Saw| e
1Compass Saw| d
2Framing Chissels| b
2Turning do.| y
2do. Gouges|
1Scribing do.| u
1Iron Square| s
1Framing Gouge| e
3Ducksbill Chissel|
1Dovetail do.|
1Set Lattice Irons|
2Sets screw tools|
1Grind Stone, iron crank, in diameter 10 inches |
2Boring Bitts|
1Jack Plane|
1Smooth do.|
2Halving do.|
3Beeding do.|
4Pair Match do.|
1Sash do.|
1Groving Plow|
1Bench Dog|
2Upright Planes|
1Marking Iron|
An antient translation of Virgil|
Chronology of New England|
A Plate and Chard for a Compass|
1Scale and Dividers|
1Protractor |
1Large Slate|

Accounts that are found on Book, due to the Estate.

Asahel Thing£. 1: 5:
Asahel Thing Junr0:11:
Gidn Thing 2: 1: 9
Moses Thing1:11: 9
Isacher Prowley2: 4:
John Darling1: 1: 8
Cyprian Bigalow: 8: 8
Ebenr Darling:10: 8
Jarvis Hudge3: 1:
Benajah McCall2:16: 6
Ephraim Boardman1: 3: 6
Nathl Pabody6:13: 8
Patrick Butler1: 1: 4
Wilm Fish2:13: 4
Saml Robinson:18: 8
Aaron Thing1:13: 3
Danl West2: 5: 6
Jedadediah Lothrop Junr:13: 4
Widow McWithy:11: 4
An Account of Monies due the Estate of Aaron Papody as appears pr notes &c
Onenote of hand given by David Hillhouse May 3d 1780 for lawful money£ 93: 5: 0
1Do dated May 3d 178070: 0: 0
1Do given by Ashael King Junr dated June 7th 178310: 8: 2
1Receipt given by Alexander Harper dated Sept 3d 178343:14: 4
1Do of Isaac Lobdell dated April 15th 17821:16:
1Do David Wattler dated Decr 15th 1780:15:
1Do given by Jepthah Curtis & other dated November 20th 17823:15:

The above is a true inventory of all singular the goods & Chattles & Credits of Aaron Pabody

August 22nd 1787 Ezekiel Hawley

Columbia County| Be it remembered, that on the twenty second day of August in the year 1787 personally appeared before me R. R. Van Rensselaer Surrogate of the County aforesaid Ezekiel Hackley one of the administrators on the Estate of Aaron Papody deceased & being duly sworn on his oath declared that the within writing contains a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods, Chattles and Credits which were of the said Aaron Papody as far as had come to his hands or possession of any person or persons in trust from him to his knowledge

R. R. Van Rensselaer