The Inventory of the 1787 Estate of Martinus Schook

an inventory of the Estate of Martinenes Schook which is com to my hands and knowleg to this Twenty Sixth Day of march onethousand Seven hundred and Eighty Seven is as follows.
one Bond Executed by Dirck Jansen for the Sum of Twohundred and twenty five pounds£ 225: 0: 0
1 note Executed by Dotr Michel Mirche for the Sum of Twelve Pounds thirteen Shilings 3d12:13: 3
1 note Executed by Jacob Philip for twelve shilings twelve Pounds ten Shilings with an indorsement of four Shilings12: 6: 0
1 note Executed by Jacob Siemon for nine pounds and by the indorsments Recovered on the same before Esqr Wiesmen four pounds nineteen Shilings and four pence4:19: 4
1 orrder Executed by of John Ceffin in favour of Jery Emmigh for two pounds five Shilings and Six pence2: 5: 6
1 note Executed by John Rosman for thirty two Shilings1:12: 0
1 note Executed by Johonnis Scharmehorn for the Sum9: 0: 0
1 note Signed by Grades Banker for prelick payment for fourteen pounds14: 0: 0
Johonnis Peter Snyder Dr by Cook for three pounds3: 0: 0
1 owe obbligation Executed by Johonnis Schook for the Sum of forty Pounds40: 0: 0
Book account against Johonis Schook for the Sum of forty Eight pounds five Shilings and three pence48: 5: 3
William Shook Dr by book for forty six ponds 8: 946: 8: 9
Peter Snyder Dr by book for fifty four pounds 6s54: 6: 0
1 Note from George Manuel Matini to Martinus Schook5: 0: 0
Filed March 6, 1787