1871 Gazetteer - Gallatin

GALLATIN, named in honor of Hon. Albert Gallatin, was formed from Ancram, March 27, 1830. It lies near the center of the south border of the County. The surface is broken by several ranges of hills, which extend in a north and south direction. The highest point is Mattashuk Hill, south of Lake Charotte. Roeliff Jansen's Creek is the principlestream; its banks are steep and in some places rocky. Charlotte Lake, in the north part of the town, is a fine sheet of water, surrounded by gentle slopes, cultivated to the water's edge. The soil, which is of various qulities, is modertely fertile. A large portion of it consists of a warm schistic gravel, and is capable of being rendered an excellent farming country with judicious culture.

The population of the town in 1870 was 1,416. Of this number 1,375 were natives, and 41, foriegners; 1,412, white, and 4, colored. During the year ending Sept. 30, 1870, there were 8 school districts in the town, and 5 teachers employed. The number of children of school age was 472; the average attendance, 116.131; and the amount expended for school purposes, $1,644.56.

Gallatinville, (p. v.) in the east part, on Roeliff Jansens Creek, and on the proposed line of the Rhinebeck & Connecticut Railroad, contains one hotel, one church, (Reformed) one grist and plaster mill, one paint shop, one carriage shop, two blacksmith shops and one store

Weaver Hollow, near the north-west border, on a creek whose source is Lake Charlotte, and which empties into Roeliff Jansen's Creek, is a hamlet.

The town was settled at a very early day, by emigrants from Germany and Holland, among whom were the Knickerbackers and Snyders. An Englishman, named Ross, was one of the first settlers in the vicinity of Gallatinville.

The Greenbush Reformed Church was organized in 1748, by Rev. J. C. Fryemoet, who was its first pastor. The present house of worship, which will seat 250 persons, was erected in 1723, at a cot of $3,000. Dewitt B. Wycoff is the present pastor, and the present number of members is 130.

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