Pension Testimony - Peter Scism

State of New York
Columbia County

On this 14th day of December, 1832, personnally appeared in open court before the Justices Court in the City of Hudson in the County and State aforesaid now seting Peter Scism [a resident of the town of Taghkanick] who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the bnefit of the act of congress passed June 7th 1832.

Says that he is Sixty Eight Years of age that he was born in the month of November 1764 in the Town of Livingston in the County of Columbia and State of New York. I first entered the service as a substitute at the Town then called Nobletown in the County and State aforesaid. On the first of March 1780 at that time the inhabitants were classed, each class of six to furnish a man. I went for a class consisting of Eward Okins, Archy McCarty and the other names I do not recollect as it was not my native town I only having gone into that Town to work. The Town is now called Hillsdale. My Captain's name was Cristopher Miller Liutenant ......... Shirts. Ensign Peter Loop. we were marched some distance down the River and put on Board of a Sloop or Vessell and taken to Verplancks Point on the Hudson River and remained there or near there some time and were then ordered to a place called Dobbs Ferry and after remaining there some time, and then on the capture of Andre we were marched to West Point. I was on guard on the day Andre was Hung. I do not recollect the Colonels name neither the Majors neither do I think we remained all the time under our Det of Field Officers. I think our Adjutants name was Fonda. We were Nine Months Men after the Hanging of Andre we were taken across the River to Some Barracks that had been previously built where we were encamped until the first part of December 1780 when I was discharged in wrighting by Army Captain which discharge has long been lost. I [have] no record of my age and only recollect it as I heard it from my mother who died Six Years since. Immediately after the expiration of my nine months, I returned to my fathers Home where I remained a few months and then went out to work and have Continued to do so since the most of the time in the County of Columbia and State of New York I cannot now state the name of a single regular officer or Regiment who served when I did I might state the names of Washington and many others whom I probably saw but cannot swear positively that I did.

The persons in my neighboorhood who can testify to my character for Truth and Verasity and their belief in my Revolutionary Service are Friend Sheldon Esqr Henry Avery Esqr John Bain Esqr all Justices of the Peace, Isaac Shelden Supervisor of the Town of Taghcanick in the County & State aforesaid - in which Town I also Reside - also Colonel George I. Rosman & Dedrick Miller. that he has no Living witness whois testemony he can procure and that he has no documentary Evidence. that the Clergey man now Settled in the Town where he resides has only been Settled there a short time and consiquently Knows nothing about his Revolutionary Service. he hereby relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity except the pension and that his name is not on the pension role of the agency of any state

Sworn and subscribed to
in open court the day
& year first abve mentioned
John D. Parker Clerk
Peter + Scism Jnr