June 5, 1831

Nancy Ostrander
Jacob A Hawver
5 June 1831


Know All Men by these presents that whereas I Nancy Ostrander hold a mortgage on a certain tract of land described in said mortgage said mortgage was given by Jacob A. Hawver and Anna his wife for the sum of two hundred and ten Dollars dated May 7th 1831 Now for and in consideration of the sum of ten dollars to me in hand paid and out of natural care and affection I hereby sell all my right title & interest in said mortgage to th said Jacob A. Hawver and Anna his wife and to their heirs & assigns for them to have possession thereof immediatelyafter my Death reserving to myself during my natural life the sole controll and ownership of said Mortgage and also the right of appointing a trustee to hold the same for ever for the use of the said Jacob A Hawver and Anna his wife and their heirs and assigns If I should think proper to collect the said mortgage during my life I hereby acknowledge that the whole amount of the principle and Interest I am to lay out an expend the same to the best advantage for the use and benefit of Jacob A Hawver and Anna his wife and to the heirs born of the body of the said Anna

Dated June the 5th 1831

Henry Poucher

Signd Nancy Ostrander seal


I Wm G Philip wrote the above
being a true copy of a writing
which was presented to me
by Jacob A Hawver

this is introduced as evidence of indebtedness

Nancy Ostrnder sold the lot to John Snyder for $210 and then purchased of Jacob & Cornelius Moul a lot 3 March 1832

12 Jany 1833 made her will after the will ws made she sold the lot to Henry Poucher & took his note for 375 Dlrs and afterwards died in Feby 1838 this note fell in the hands of Exrs

Exrs with this note bought a lot of Jacob P Tipple for 250 at Hawver & wife request in April 1839. Have moved in to it & quit it in oct following.

Exrs in spring of '40 sold lot to Wm Pla[ss] for 275