The property of Widow Nancy Ostrander she will'd to her Children

$ cts
An assignment of Jacob Ostrander of twenty five Dols 25.00
One Assignment of Anna Hawver of Fifty Dols 50.00
One Assignment of Maria Hawver of Fifty Dols 50.00
One Legacy of her own of two Hundred Dols 200.00

$ cts
In the first place she Directed that a Note of Fifty Dols be paid to Wm G Philip H. Poucher Security 50.00
She willed to Jacob Ostrander that twenty five Dols25.00
She Directed that Jacob Ostrander should have Fifty50.00
She Directed that Gitty Philip should have Fifty Dols 50.00
Catherine Ostrander should have Fifty Dols 50.00
Jane Ostrander have Fifty Dols 50.00
Caroline Ostrander have Fifty Dols 50.00

The widow Nancy Ostrander Purchased of Wm G Philip a peice of Land for Fifty Dols she gave her Note for Fifty Dols to Wm G Philip for the land and gave Henry Poucher for Security she gave Henry A Hawver the privalege of building on that land at his own expense when he concidered the thing he supposed it wouldent be proper to build on an other persons land at his own expense he then got the privilege of selling that land as soon as he had sold it he went to Wm G Philip and took up that Note he held against Nancy Ostrander & Henry Poucher and handit to Nancy Ostrander. Just before her death Henry A Hawver came to Nancy Ostrander she then paid Henry A Hawver that Fifty Dols that she intended to give him in that land she purchased of Wm G Philip when she paid Henry A Hawver that Money she received the money of Aaron H Ostrander and gave up that assignment to him she held of Fifty Dols of Anna Hawver

That assignment of Jacob Ostrander of 25 Dols Henry Poucher paid to her in her life time she made way with H in her life time that same 25 Dols she will'd to Jacob Ostrander She never intended to give Jacob Ostrander 75 Dols and the rest nothing when she made her will she had enough to gie them all as she stated in her will The reason of giving Fifty Dols of the money that became first due to Jacob was because she received the money as her husband willed it which was some lenght of time before it all became Due for that reason she began at the Eldest and so on to the youngest Instead of having at her Death 325 Dols as she stated in her will she had but 150 Dols
$ cts
She advanced to Henry A Hawver in her life time 50.00
She received of Henry Poucher and made way with it 25.00
She received of Aaron H Ostrander one Hundred Dols of her money to build Jacob Ostrander a house 100.00
We received after her Death 150 Dols 150.00

Henry A Hawver told me she never intended to collect that fifty Dols she let him have she only wanted him to give her a note to show that she had paid it

When Jacob A Hawver lived on that first place and the title was in the hands of Nancy Ostrander then Jacob was troubled because he had no right to that property he then Did torment Miss Ostrander so much that she was compeld to write something along the edges of the deed to still him after that was done then their came an other plan in his mind to have that place sold and to purchase that land of John J Miller in order to get the Deed in his own hands Miss Ostrander then was advised to let him have the deed and take a mortgage of the full Amount which was done his manage ment was then so bad that she soon foreclosed that Mortgage and bought that place of the Mouls for the money and took the Deed in her own name the right owner That money that James Ostrander let Peter W Pulver have just before his death of 50 Dols Never was given to Jacob Hawver or family John & Aaron Ostrander has helped J Hawver Build the first house & likewise the last