November 4, 1841


4 Nov. 1841 -

In the Matter of          |
Jacob A. Hawver & others  |
          by              |
Dilaway Philip &          |
J. P. Ostrander Exrs &c of|
Nancy Ostrander

Peter W. Pulver - knew James Ostrander the Husband of Nancy Ostrander Dec'd 15 or 16 years ago - Jacob A. Hawver married a Daughter - Jacob Ostrander bought an acre of land of me for Haver - Haver wanted to purchase a piece of land, Ostrander said he would pay me $50 for the land & said it would be a home for his daughter, the money was paid by Ostrander - afterwards $35 was paid me by Henry Poucher to build a house it was money put into his hands for that purpose. Ostrander wanted to advance me $50 to build a house afterwards got $35 from Poucher, but dont know when he got it. I gave the Deed I think to Mrs Nancy Ostrander.

(On 3 May 1826 Anna Hawver assigned her legacy to Nancy Ostrander to give a receipt for the payment of the $50)

I saw to building the house & furnished materials & labor, when the house got so that they moved into we on & there was 50 or 55 Drs due upon it. Haver paid for the building the house in labor all but $35-. afterwards Jacob wanted me to buy it & I afterwards bought the house & lot for $210. I got a Deed of it from Nancy Ostrander, don't recollect of Haver signing the Deed, I gave my note for the $210 to Judge Miller for a wood lot which he conveyed to Jacob A Haver & Anna his wife on 6 May 1831. the balance on the 210 Dols being $20 was paid back to me by John P Ostrander & Nancy Ostrander (Pltf introduced a Deed from John J. Miller & wife to Jacob A. Hawver & wife for 6 acres Dated 6 May 1831- Pltf introduces a Deed of trust from Nancy Ostrander to Jacob A Hawver & others 5 June 1831-) witness says the wood lot was sold to John Snyder Jr a year or so after Jacob Haver had bought it. don't know who gave the Deed (Pltf introuces a Deed from Jacob A Hawver to Nancy Ostrander for the Judge Miller lot dated 28 Decr 1831-) don't know what the premisis to Snyder were sold for - afterwards another lot 1/2 acres from Jacob J & Cornelius Moul(Pltf produced Deed from Jacob & Cornelius Moul Dated 3 March 1832 to Nancy Ostrander consideration $100-) don't know who made this purchase. there was a house built on the Moul lot, Haver & Baine were to work at the house, towards the last I assisted some. timber was got out of (illeg.) woods. in a conversation about house & lot she was anxious the family (illeg.) away from her house. She said She had expended all she could, understood she said she had expended $210. I took it upon the house & land & she could not go any further. she did not say what $210 it was & I dont remember that I had heard her speak enviously about the $210. She often talked about laying into the $210 for her Daughter & children in the last way, & that Jacob was the use of it during his life - work done to the house after this by Haver & Bain a Carpenter. I helped Hawver lath one night. Haver & his family lived in it afterwards several years, built a sort of a fence around it. this House & lot was sold about 4 years ago to Henry Poucher (Pltf produced Deed from Jacob A Haver & wife & Nancy Ostrander for this half acre Dated 6 octr 1837 to Henry Poucher consideration expressed in Deed $175-)

Hnry Poucher - the note agt Hy A Haver might have been collected at any time untill within 8 months past if it had been a good note he had an acre of land & house. I had a mortgage upon it for about $125 to 150 Ds given about 2 1/2 or 3 yrs ago & dont he had no other property except furniture which the illegible Examples. my mortgage included 2 smaller 1 for $50 & 1 for $25. I assumed the mortgages to stay the judgement for 1 year - then mortgages remained upon it & stood 1 yr & upwards 1 1/2 yrs ago Smith forclosed his mortgages & Haver authorized me by (illeg.) to sell the house at private sale - I got a cash offer in Feby 1841 of $400 & sold it for $410 - my mortgage was absolute their mortgages were given to raise money to finish his house illegible was a dissipated man