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Services Offered

Our Philosophy.

At BerkshireNet,our philosophy is simple: to deliver practical and flexible, high quality Internet solutions. Our philosophy can be summarized as follows:
  • A strict focus on Internet Solutions
  • Flexible and robust Internet Solutions
  • Superior technical support
  • A high performance, highly available and closely monitored network that is founded on high quality components.

We Do Internet.

At BerkshireNet we focus 100% of our energy on providing flexible, high quality Internet Solutions. Our solutions range from simple UNIX shell accounts to high end leased line connectivity. Above all, we realize that that each customer has a network with unique needs. As such, we provide basic solutions that are open to interpretation and customization on a case per case basis.
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Support With A Smile

At BerkshireNet, customer support is top priority. We employ knowledgeable staff that can assist you with any problems you may have using our services.
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Emphases On Quality and Availability.

Our focus is on quality, not quantity.All too often, Internet Service Providers engage in over selling their resources at lower rates in order to achieve customer volume and profit. In contrast to our competition, we endeavor to provide the highest quality Internet Solutions at a modest price without cutting corners in available resources, quality of equipment or value of services offered. All of our resources, from disk space and CPU load on servers, to available bandwidth on our Internet connection are closely monitored to ensure the highest availability.
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Network Topology.

At BerkshireNet, we're proud of our network, just like some people are proud of their cars. To maximize performance and minimize potential failure, our systems are comprised solely of high performance equipment. Where necessary, spares are available to ensure minimal downtime in the event of a a failure. In many cases, secondary servers are online that can automatically take over or can be configured easily to assume the tasks of another server, should it fail. Uptime (availability) is of extreme importance.


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