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Welcome to the Net

New users behold! A place to start your Internet journey. We thought you could use a good place to start your Internet travels, so we composed this section of our web site just for you. In this section, you'll find links to various points of interest locally and links to starting points that are sure to get you lost in Cyberspace. 

The BerkshireWeb

The BerkshireWeb is an excellent collection of information on Berkshire County. With links for area news,weather, dining and shopping, you can discover (or rediscover) Berkshire County with The BerkshireWeb
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The Berkshire Eagle and the North Adams Transcript

BerkshireNet has partnered with the Berkshire area’s two daily newspapers to offer you a pair of comprehensive sources of news and features about the Berkshires.  The Eagle and the Transcript’s dozens of reporters and freelance writers scour the Berkshire Hills for breaking news, as well as stories about the people and events that make this area special.  In addition, you’ll find the opinions of thought-provoking columnists, newspaper editorials, letters to the editor, births, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, obituaries, sports and much more.

Via The Eagle and Transcript web sites, you can also:

  • Link to Employment Wizard, a comprehensive database of employers and jobs available in the area as well as nationwide
  • Search all Eagle and Transcript classified ads, including real estate, automotive and employment categories(click on “classified” on the home page)
  • Send letters to the editor and other communications to the newspapers
  • Search car dealer inventories
  • Check the calendar of events for entertainment happenings
BerkshireNet subscribers will also receive a complimentary subscription to the daily e-mail newsletter of The Berkshire Eagle.

To get started, click on The Berkshire Eagle or the North Adams Transcript.

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Other Local Points of Interest

In the last couple of years, Berkshire County has really gotten online. This section will present you with various Berkshire County places you can visit on the web. Visit our Local Points of Interest Page

Local Newspapers Online

Several local newspapers have online issues available.

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Massachusetts State Services

Many of the Commonwealth's services have gone online.  Whether you are looking to find a job here in the beautiful Berkshires or just tired of waiting in long lines at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, now you can do most of this over the Internet.

Learn The Net

The folks at Learn The Net have composed a most excellent guide to the Internet. Geared for Newbies, www.learnthenet.comis an excellent place to learn precisely what you've gotten yourself into.After perusing this site, you'll be the smart one in the family, because you'll know what fancy terms like HTTP and FQDN mean. 
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Search Engines

Search Engines are places where you can search the Net. Since it would take a whole lot of time to search the net yourself, these fine folks have devised gizmos called Robotsthat do nothing but search the entire Internet every day, all day long and report what they find to a central database. A search engine allows you to query this database for links to sites that contain matches to your query. Visit our convenient Search Engine Page
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