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Email Error Messages

Outlook Express Error 0x800c0133 (corrupted inbox file)

It may be possible to fix the problem using these steps :
  1. Open Outlook Express
  2. Click "Local Folders" in the left side navigation
  3. Select New Folder and name it TEMP
  4. If possible move all of the email from your Inbox to the TEMP folder
  5. Go to menu bar and select Tools -> Options -> Maintenance -> Store Folder and then write down the location of your inbox
  6. Close Outlook Express,
  7. Use My Computer to go to the location is step 5 and then delete the file inbox.dbx
  8. Open Outlook Express - The Inbox folder should be auto recreated.
  9. Move your email from the TEMP folder back to your Inbox

Setting up SPAM / Email Filters

Please click on the links below for instructions on setting up the e-mail program you use.

Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook

Eudora Mail

Netscape Mail


Viewing E-Mail from multiple locations
or if your E-Mail storage limit has been exceeded

If you need to access your mail from more than one computer, you can use the following instructions to set up your mail program to do so.

To do this, the mail program in both locations must be set up by you to leave the mail messages on the server for 3-5 days. Otherwise once you read a mail message, it is removed from the mail server immediately.

Any mail left on the system for 30 days or more, however, is candidate for removal at our discretion.

Also, most accounts have 20 MB of storage allowed on our servers for their account. If your mail exceeds this level, you will be warned. Should the account space remain at more than 20 MB for an extended period, an additional storage fee may apply. ($1 per 1 MB)

MS Outlook or Outlook Express

Eudora Mail

Netscape Mail