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Date of reception: 6 October 1988

Love and light, my Terran friends. From beyond the night, I send you the greetings of the United Worlds Alliance and the planet Korendor, via the "New Age" medium of the personal computer.

The availability of inexpensive computer equipment to the world's citizens has given to us an excellent "high-tech" way to communicate with your people. We much prefer this to the more common approach that you call "channeling" and telepathy.

Let me now introduce myself. My selected name is "ArKay", which is no more than the pronunciation of the initials of the name I use when I am present amongst you. If it will aid you in understanding my work, you may think of it as being the acronym of the title, "Representative of Korendor".

I have been chosen to serve as a "liaison" between my people and yours, much as Bob Renaud has been since our first contact with him in 1961. Now, after his 27 long years acting as the exclusive source of information about the United Worlds Alliance and my people, we have agreed to his request to begin this new era of more direct communication with your world.

To establish this, I have become so to speak, Bob's "opposite number" on our side. Just as he has served as your only access to us, so I will now be our primary "channel" to you. If any questions are to be answered or any information to be presented, it will be my privilege to do these things.

Bob will of course continue to be actively involved in our operations on Earth, but it is my honor to function as the "go-between" through which all of your people may have access to us, with Bob's capable assistance.

Allow me now to deliver a "fair warning". If you anticipate the type of message delivered by other channels, then what is to follow is not for you. If your expectations run to the mystical or the psychic, go no further. We fully support the work of those who deliver such messages, but they are not our focus of interest. If you want your extraterrestrials to be perfect, godlike beings, then we, who are only imperfectly human, will no doubt disappoint you.

If, however, you care about the "behind the scenes" events that are now shaping your society and your destiny, if you are curious as to the nature of some of your visitors, then what is to come will satisfy your needs and offer the enlightenment you seek.

With the prologue now finished, I will use the rest of this communication to provide insight into the Alliance and its operations on your world.

As I stated earlier, the United Worlds Alliance has been in contact with you since 1961, although our presence in this system began several years before then. In the beginning, it was our goal to undertake a program that would educate and elevate you to the level needed to become a candidate for "Protectorate" status in the UWA, the first step in the process leading to full membership.

At that time, we did not discern any substantial impediments to this goal. The Confederation (commonly known to you as the Federation), although it was very actively involved on Earth, did not challenge our presence, but gave us no encouragement or aid, nor did previous dealings with them lead us to expect their open cooperation.

It must be explained here that the primary difference between the UWA and the Confederation is in the level of adherence to what your people know as "non-interference" laws. It has been the strict and invariable policy of the Confederation to abide by these laws without exception, no matter what the provocation might be to do otherwise.

The Alliance has through long experience learned that a much looser interpretation is often called for, and has broadened the directives to permit activities on other worlds that are unheard-of in the Confederation.

Earth's present situation is a prime example, as we shall soon see. Our work here has created much tension and controversy between our groups.

While there is no open hostility between our organizations, neither are there other than formal diplomatic relations. This is the principal reason that Alliance presence has never been acknowledged by the Confederation in its contacts with your people, and why we in turn will not corroborate their spokespersons or their communications to your people.

The Confederation has its tasks and we have ours.

What, then, are our activities on Earth that have generated this intense division? To answer this, we must now introduce into the cast of players a third party, which over the years (and by their own desires) have come to be known as "Omegans".

Historically, the Omegans are descended from a group of rebels that originated within the Confederation many years ago. As there is in any form of government, no matter how benign or peaceful, there were some to whom power and wealth were consuming passions. However, the peaceful, egalitarian ways of the Confederation rendered such goals impossible within its social and cultural dominion.

These malcontents thus were driven by their insatiable lusts to leave their systems. From their exile they worked within the infrastructure of many planets to enlist others of similar desires, and their numbers grew slowly into a substantial force. In the late 18th century (the actual date is unknown), they arrived on Earth.

Although this solar system is under Confederation jurisdiction, Earth is uncommitted because of the Confederation's non-interference laws that disallow them from presenting to your people the opportunity to join with them. Your level of advancement is inadequate to permit the full contact with you that is prerequisite as a prelude to their offer.

This non-alignment made Earth for the Omegans' plans. As well, your basically militaristic history gave them a great advantage, as it was their intention to manipulate your warrior instincts, in order to groom your people into an irresistible military force able to attack and overpower other planets.

The "invention" of nuclear fission weapons was mainly due to the Omegan influence within your scientific and military institutions, although their actual use in warfare was of your own volition entirely. Indeed, it was this event that precipitated the intense interest of the Confederation and the Alliance in your world, although the UWA did not consider actual programs on Earth until years later.

Following World War II, the Omegan policy was to prevent the initiation of another major war, but to promote many small-scale conflicts to maintain your war-readiness while their technological input into your military capability continued and grew in sophistication. Their most effective weapon, however, was psychological.

The Omegans' principal tactic is fostering international distrust and hatred, to maintain a state of mutual suspicion that prevents the world's people from uniting in the common good. Remember that their policy is to build you into a potent, unstoppable military force with which to attack and dominate Confederation worlds in many systems.

Ordinarily, the Alliance takes a "hands-off" approach and allows the Confederation to tend to its affairs. However, Omegan activities have been directed against the Alliance as well. In fact, their attacks on us led to the destruction of their base on their "home planet" of Kaldan by an Alliance invasion force.

After the successful routing of this base, the Council of Elder Masters and other Alliance policy-makers deemed the Omegan influence crushed, and, as you say, they let their guard down. It was only several years later that we discovered that the Kaldan facility had been sacrificed to create exactly the impression that we received.

In fact, their governing bodies had been transferred to Earth, which is now the hub of Omegan operations. This is a very effective move, because your non-alignment prevents any outside organization from open intrusion into their activities. The vulnerability of your world to their attack also makes it imperative that they be fought only on a clandestine, non-military basis.

This is the Alliance approach. By operating in the "underground" we are able to counter-attack without forcing them into an open confrontation that would inevitably result in the complete destruction of your world.

One advantage of our approach is that because the Omegans require your people for their purposes, they are unlikely to consider endangering you as long as they are not confronted overtly. Another factor that I shall not discuss at this time renders open conflict with the Alliance on Earth exactly what they do not want.

Their enforced restraint has, however, created a deep hostility and anger that incites vicious retaliation in those cases where it will not result in peril to their programs.

For this reason, it is of vital importance that you heed this warning:


Although they have need of you, they are ruthless, and any resistance will without question result in the deaths of everyone involved.

If by some chance you do encounter them in a manner that removes any doubt as to their identity, do absolutely nothing except escape without delay.

If their activities are so open that they can be uncovered by Terrans, rest assured that the Alliance already knows of them, and is handling the matter in the appropriate fashion.

Bravery is a noble virtue, but trying to fight them by yourselves is not bravery, but foolishness, and it is indeed suicidal. Be aware that they exist, and allow us to combat them. We are well equipped for this task. You are not.

With that warning, I must end my opening message to you. I have much more to relate, and with Bob's kind assistance and patience, these messages will be made available to you, my Terran brothers and sisters.

Va i luce, and peace be yours.

I am ArKay.


2008 Robert P. Renaud -- all rights reserved