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Date of reception: 7 October 1988

Love and light, my Terran friends. In this second part of my introduction I shall acquaint you with the extent of the Alliance and Korendian presence on Earth. We desire that you become fully aware of the degree to which we have committed ourselves to resolving your problems, as I outlined in Part One.

To begin, let me say that after what we assumed to be the successful elimination of the Omegan influence, we reduced our staff to the "skeleton" level and closed all but a few of our many bases on Earth and on the moon.

This was due to the initiation of "Project Terrawatch", in which we were to be merely observors monitoring your progress free of Omegan control. As I said in Part 1, this was, not to put too fine a point on it, a most premature decision, and as you say, after a time it came back to haunt us.

Our return to Earth then began in earnest. As a first order of business we re-opened several of the Terran bases and constructed two entirely new facilities on the moon, under the craters Plato and Copernicus, which were to be our major operations centers for this revitalized project. PlatoCom (Plato Complex) was to be a primarily "civilian" base. CopernicusCom was to be purely military in function. With these existing and new bases completed and furnished, the influx of personnel began, coming mostly via the California and Massachusetts "Arrival and Indoctrination" centers.

Nearly all of the previous operatives volunteered to be reassigned to the project, but the extent of our work required the recruitment and training of many thousands of new people to reach the desired complement of personnel. This was not as smooth as we might have wished. Several major setbacks were suffered during this period. Two had a particularly harmful effect:

First, an Omegan agent teleported with an explosive device into the MassCom A/I processing center on a suicide mission that shut down the section for four months.

Second, several of the "returnees" from the Alliance were in fact double agents who performed sophisticated sabotage on the CalCom and MassCom A/I computers, used in training new operatives, and it became necessary to recall about 70,000 of them to correct what might be called "psychological time-bombs".

The operatives were all scheduled to assume sensitive positions in major world governments, and their defective imprinting would have caused them to be unaware of, or incapable of responding to, certain types of Omegan activity. This would have had a profound if not a crippling effect on our ability to effectively react to Omegan operations.

Despite these delays, we are at this time operating with essentially a full staff, the charts to follow being some indication of our presence.

Chart #1: Field Operatives
United States151,400
Soviet Union128,500
Europe (East/West)94,300
Middle East42,900
Asia (except USSR)69,200
All other areas105,000
Total personnel625,300

Chart #2: Base Personnel
Base SitePersonnel
Washington, DC4,100
Europe (UK)22,500
Soviet Union28,400
China (mainland)18,800
Mid-East (Egypt)10,300
Others (sea, etc.)87,600
Plato (Luna-1)65,200
Copernicus (Luna-2)14,600
Total personnel308,900

There was also a base on Mars, but frequent attacks by Omegan and Kalran warcrafts led to its being declared indefensible, and it was abandoned.

[Note: due to changes in policy and operations, only the Massachusetts and California bases are now active. All others have been closed and "mothballed" in the event that unforeseen needs require reopening one or more of them]

These brief listings should serve notice that we are not merely "talking a good fight", but are backing up our words with action. It should also shed some light on why the Confederation is at odds with our program on Earth.

By any definition this constitutes a major breach of their interpretation of the non-interference directives, and it is the primary "bone of contention" between our organizations.

We had long since concluded that they could not be reasoned with on this matter, and we had informed them that with or without their approval we fully intended to commit whatever force is necessary to defeat the Omegan presence on Earth and wherever else it exists. The Confederation labelled us intruders and adventurists, and informed us that we were completely on our own.

In recent times, however, the Confederation has apparently begun to appreciate that the danger posed by the Omegans is too great to ignore it and hope that it will fade away on its own.

Envoys from their High Tribunals have approached top Alliance officials "sub rosa" to explore the possibility of an "Agreement of Mutual Interest" that would result in the Confederation dropping its opposition to Alliance anti-Omegan activity, and offering us comprehensive non-military aid.

In turn, the Alliance would extend its aegis to Confederation systems if hostile forces pose a threat that they are unable to resist. There is nominal resistance in high Alliance ranks, but the pact is expected shortly.

Some of this softening of the Confederation's "hard-line" is due to their new awareness that Earth is but one of seventeen planets on which this battle is being waged, and that the stakes for success or failure are far higher than losing the involved worlds.

Earlier, I mentioned the Kalrans. They are another major Alliance foe, similar in purpose and methods to the Omegans, but far less civilized and far more aggressive. Apparently out of common interest (their mutual hatred of the Alliance) they have loosely joined with the Omegans, and brought their violent tactics into the arena.

To say that this adds a deadly complication to the conflict with the Omegans is considerably understating the scope of the problem.

The Kalran Empire thrives on war. They do not usually fight for gain or power, but simply to fight. It is their nature to wage war, and they do it with a damnable efficiency. This alone is a sufficient reason to be alarmed, but the restrictions that govern the Omegan program here and elsewhere (I mentioned them briefly in Part One) don't apply to the Kalrans.

Let me now expand on these limits. They are imposed on the Omegans by a powerful extra-galactic group that, for lack of a better name, the Alliance dubbed "The Syndicate" after the Terran criminal organization. The "Syndicate" has offered the Omegans its formidable support in our galaxy, IF they prove that they merit it. The condition: the Omegans must defeat the Alliance on these 17 worlds or face abandonment by the Syndicate.

The UWA has sent several formal objections to the Syndicate for its involvement in this galaxy, and has been informed that although they will continue to offer the Omegans their support and guidance, they will not provide economic or military assistance to them in their task.

What scarce data is available on the Syndicate now suggests that they are essentially profiteers rather than militarists, and prefer to commit their resources to aid those who will act as their enforcers, while themselves avoiding the untidy business of war.

When asked about their possible use of the Kalrans, they stated that their interests centered upon those groups that had more rational motives than love of a good battle.

At this moment, a tenuous sort of "gentleman's agreement" exists between the Syndicate and the Alliance: neither group will overtly endanger the other, nor will the Syndicate "bail out" the Omegans if they appear to be losing.

Neither they nor the Alliance have any great desire to test the other's capability in war, and both appreciate that such an encounter would be costly beyond measure. However, if the Omegans achieve victory, the Syndicate will back them with military and economic power, to the end of Omegan/Syndicate domination of the galaxy.

It is this monumental threat to the safety and security of all that they know and love that now moves the Confederation to rethink their ways.

In short, then, the Earth is an unknowing host to an interstellar test of power and resolve, for nothing less than the control of the uncounted thousands of worlds in this galaxy.

It can be seen from this summary of the situation that the Alliance has taken upon itself a prodigious task indeed, here and on the 16 other worlds like yours. Yet, it's a responsibility that we accept willingly and eagerly. We know the benefits of success, and the terrifying outcome of failure.

At this point, the question in your minds must be, "what can we do to help?" In the material sense, nothing. As I pointed out in the first part of this message, you are just not equipped to meet the Omegans directly.

Yet, there is much that you can do to make our work more effective. I will amplify this in later messages, but for now let it suffice to say that your contribution lies in what you can do to influence the thinking of your brothers and sisters on Earth.

The Omegans dominate you because you have not adopted a way of life and thought that will render their control ineffective. I must repeat that the Omegans' primary tactic is keeping your world in constant war-readiness by creating suspicion, distrust and fear that frustrate any possibility of uniting for the good of the whole.

The people of Earth of their own free will adopted the philosophies that sow the seeds of war and nourish them.

The Omegans arrived to find a condition that meshed perfectly with their own plans. They did not initiate war on Earth. Your long history of conflict offers ample proof that it has been a human vocation for millenia.

What the Omegans did bring was a technologically-based way of war that enabled man of Earth to sit in a safe place and cause the deaths of millions by "remote control".

It's arguable that there was at one time a certain excitement in the hand-to-hand, head-to-head combat of early warfare. It was a test of skills, man against man with life the prize for the victor. Gunpowder took away some of that mystique. Modern war science has eliminated it.

For that you must thank the many "advancements" afforded you by Omegan infiltrators. That Moscow or Washington can vanish in an instant in the searing heat of a micro-sun is one of the many "gifts" from the Omegans to you.

One questions whether man of Earth would find much appreciation for these benefits that other-worldly visitors have bestowed upon your civilization. Yet, you accept them as the price of living in perilous times, unaware that these times are the workings of the selfsame invaders who provided your infernal engines of destruction.

Poor, sad marionettes, dangling from Omegan strings, marching to their war tunes and believing them to be your own steps and your own brave music.

How wisely you say, "when the ball is over, the piper must be paid." The payment that your Omegan pipers will exact is dear indeed. It is no less than your souls in their service as they reach outward to conquer and rule by force ever more worlds.

You, my dear brothers and sisters of Earth, will be their pawns in their galactic game of chess, and like good pawns you will follow their game plan eagerly and faithfully, convinced by their lies and their orations that it is your destiny to take your warlike ways to the stars.

And then, dear people, the truth will become known to you and you will weep for your violent, misguided ways. And it will be far too late for other than your flowing, bitter tears.

Is this inevitable? NO!!! You can begin this very day, this very moment, to make a difference. You can teach the ways of love and peace, the same great teachings that another visitor to your world, Jesus Christ, once offered.

Is teaching enough? Will your students heed your words? Unless you live by them, they will have no effect. Your life must be an example of your philosophies or your words are hollow.

In future messages we of the Alliance and the planet Korendor will share with you knowledge that guides our thoughts and our lives. We will offer our accumulated centuries of wisdom to provide you with what we hope is a model for your own future.

We will tell of many things, to any who will accept our presentations.

We will speak of science, of art, of culture, of philosophy, of the many aspects of our life in the service of humanity throughout the stars.

We will also tell you of the ways by which we serve the Infinite One, our Universal Father, God.

For now, I must end this message, with the promise of many to come.

Va i luce, and peace be yours.

I am ArKay.


2008 Robert P. Renaud -- all rights reserved