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My intention is to make this short because there's little that I can think of to say to properly follow ArKay's messages. However, as ArKay said, don't be surprised if....

It has been my profound honor to work with this marvelous gentleman in the preparation of this first series of communications. More than once, I have found myself reading his words as they scrolled across my monitor, and feeling anguish for what we have become in our misguided quest for "freedom".

Perhaps it requires the views and perceptions of an outside observor to swing that two-by-four at our heads, to wake us up before it's too late.

In my capacity as the recorder and processor of his messages, I've been given many "off-line" conferences with ArKay, communications that will never be made public, but which offer deep insight into the workings of his mind and soul and spirit.

Rest assured that the concern that you read in his writings is genuine, that his toughness and frankness come not from any attitude of superiority, but from his commitment to assist us in lifting ourselves out of the moral pit that we are digging by our errors.

ArKay, the Korendians and the Alliance are here because they care. We are where they once were many centuries ago, and they know what it will take to leave our immaturity behind.

We are a haughty race, we humans of Earth, and one thing we don't like is advice from others, no matter that it's in our best interest. How much more so are we going to reject the wisdom and teachings from people of other worlds and star systems.

Yet, in them we are seeing what we can become. When we realize that we're not the quintessence of creation, but rather just one race of beings out of multiple millions throughout God's vast "house of many mansions", we can begin to grow in understanding of our real destiny in the universe.

These wonderful people, every bit as human as we are, have transcended the difficulties we now face, and want to share with us the path they followed in attaining a life of love and light.

The secret to their success is no secret at all. The Alliance (and the Confederation) live by God's laws, and they apply them rather than fighting or rejecting them. By so doing, they reap the benefits that God bestows upon his faithful children.

Twenty centuries ago, in another time of darkness and evil, a visitor from beyond our world came here to teach those who would listen. His words were spurned, and he was abused and finally put to death for his heresies against the established philosophies.

As time passed, the teachings of Jesus spread, and became the foundation for modern civilization. Let us now start anew the journey into light that began so long ago. Let us now follow God's laws into a glorious future in the brotherhood of all worlds.

I must offer an "olive branch" to those whose Confederation links might have caused them to take issue with the apparent harshness of the treatment given them in these communications.

The controversy that divides the Alliance and the Confederation is due to means, not ends. The goals of the two organizations are very much alike. However, the approach taken by the UWA on Earth has created the formal rift between the governing powers that ArKay mentioned on several occasions.

This divergence does not affect informal relations between the people. Their social and personal lives go on without interruption, and many groups have formed on both sides to plead for an end this high-level discord.

A few moments before I began this addendum, I conferred with ArKay to verify a few points that I wanted to make. In answer to my question on this subject, he said that although the two groups do not and probably will not see eye to eye on Alliance activities on Earth, movement toward reconciliation at the highest levels is under way.

The motivation for this is simple, and ArKay and I have spoken of it: the awesome, irresistible power of the laws of God. Both sides are listening to the Holy Truths that govern us all. Where man alone fails, man with God succeeds.

In one of his messages, ArKay suggested that I provide in this piece a brief description of the Korendian physiology. For this, I'm simply going to "splice in" a segment from the transcript of my tour of the PlatoComm lunar base in July of 1987, concerning this very subject. The text refers to my seeing the Korendian form on a base viewscreen for the first time. It's slightly edited to fit this format, but true to the original.

The "he" in the text is one of my Korendian associates, a member of the original team that first came to me in 1961. His name is Orii-Val, and a finer person you'll not soon find here or anywhere else (despite his occasional well-timed jibe if he feels that things are getting a bit too emotional or sentimental, but that's another story).

This is your 'new' Korendian body as of your last replica visit to our lovely little world. So, what do you think?" He looked over at me, and apparently noticed my stunned expression, because he leaned back in the seat and just smiled.

I studied that image for a long time. He was right. It was ugly. It was expectedly short, although Orii told me it was somewhat taller than the average, and solidly constructed for their gravity, which is 3.2 times that of Earth. The eyes were about the same size ratio to the head as ours, and placed at about the same location on the face. They were deep blue, almost indigo, with smaller pupils because of Korena's light being about 1/6 brighter at the Korendian surface than our sun's on Earth. There were no discernible eyebrows (or in fact any hair at all). The skull structure over the eyes protruded more than a Terran's, perhaps to shade the eyes from overhead sunlight.

The ears were smaller in relation to the head than ours, lobeless and distinctly peaked at the top. They were pressed almost flat against the head. The nose was small, with slit nostrils. The mouth was slit-like, with lips that were less pronounced than ours, and slightly narrower in proportion to the jaw. It was curled upward in what on Korendor must pass for a smile.

The head was rounded, with a larger cranial cavity (comparatively) than a Terran's, with concavity in the cheeks that started at the lower jaw and ended in front of the ears. The neck was thick and sinewy, again an effect of higher gravity. The torso was compact and powerfully muscular. The arms and legs were at about the same ratio of length to body height as ours, but were heavier and very well developed.

The hands were proportionate to ours, but with slightly longer fingers and a discernable webbing between the thumb and the rest of the hand. As with the rest of the body, it appeared to be quite strong. The skin was very smooth. It was what we would call "white" in color, but with a "tanned" appearance not unlike what one would see on any California beach.

All in all, the alienness of the body was alarming. It was obviously a product of an environment vastly different from our own. By any Terran standards, it was thoroughly uncomely.

I'll grant that it's a heck of a way to talk about oneself, but from the Terran point of view, the Korendian is genuinely unlovely. Of course, as ArKay also mentioned, I found my Terran body equally disconcerting while I was in their form, so there's much to be said about beauty being only skin-deep, and in the eye of the beholder.

Returning to these computerized messages, ArKay has outlined a new series that he is working on for later transmission. In these communications, he will respond to several questions that I asked during the course of preparing this opening set.

He has also offered to reply on a personal (albeit quite limited) basis to questions from readers, and at a later time to use one or more messages to respond to a number of queries from New-Agers via this computerized format.

Both of us would appreciate your comments, suggestions for future messages and so on to the glory of God and the great work of the Alliance.

However, it is necessary that I respectfully decline visits, telephone calls and personal appearances. The time is not available for these things, and I must request that the readers agree to this. The written word is to remain my only medium of comunication.

In closing, I hope with ArKay that you have found much of interest, and much to provoke thought, in his nine messages. We thank you for your most valuable time, and we would be honored to serve you again in the future.

May God abundantly bless you and yours, and may you feel His presence in your life. May you know the serenity of His love and the peace of His strength. Believe in Him and His words, accept Him as your Father, heed the teachings of Jesus, and you will find the peace that only God can give.


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