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Date of reception: 6 June 2004

After a long period of absence, greetings, my brothers and sisters of Earth. It has been many years since I last delivered a communication intended for delivery to the people of Earth. There is thus much to relate, and I shall therefore use this time to bring you up to date on what has transpired since then.

To begin, shortly after my last message was presented, a situation arose that mandated a drastic change of policies and procedures. The most comprehensive of them was a complete breakoff of our contacts with your people. This decision resulted in all of my previous communications being withheld from release.

As well, it became necessary to terminate our almost thirty-year relationship with brother Gabriel Green. This we did in a manner that dissuaded him from attempts to communicate further with us. It was indeed painful to do so, but our concern for him mandated the action.

The reason for this was that we learned that the forces with which we had been in conflict for a number of years had silenced six of Bob's correspondents with whom we had shared some privileged information. We advised Bob that it would be necessary to discontinue all such correspondence, which he agreed to do, knowing the consequences.

In short, brother Bob disappeared from the "contactee" scene. However, his work with us did NOT end. It entered a new and more involved phase. In the years since then, he has acquired an intimate knowledge of our operations on Earth. The "gee whiz" contact reports that typified the accounts in "UFO International", Mr. Green's newsletter, ended in the 1980s, but Bob's activity in our service has been far more productive and profitable.

In the early years we relied heavily on radio and personal contacts in our many contacts with Bob. However, your world's startling advancements in computer technology have rendered those methods antiquated. With the dialing of a local phone number and the use of his computer's browser, Bob can now log into our data network as easily as using the Internet. The benefits have been prodigious since we adopted this approach.

One project that we recently completed through this method of communication involved Bob's use of a scanner and an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program to convert his hundreds of typed pages from the 1960s contacts into MS Word DOC files. Let me say that his diligence and perseverance in this task were remarkable, in that most of the pages were 40-year-old carbon copies that had faded over that time. Some of them were nearly unreadable, and the scanned files required substantial editing to prepare them for storing. To be frank, he is more patient than I am.

The point in mentioning this is that once converted, he uploaded the files to our system so that we could compare them to our own records. In analyzing them, we were alarmed to discover that in a number of cases there was considerable disagreement, and in some instances outright errors. Most of these involved data that was sent by means of radio, but in a few instances he received the data by regular mail. The mailed information was sent to a correspondent who published it in 1970 in a low-circulation book.

What follows comes from a DOC file that Bob wrote during the file conversion project. I quote it here verbatim, as we had approved it previously.

Information on file C 19621201

The story behind this is evidence that even in the early days of their work on Earth, the Korendians were under assault by forces that were and still are intractably inimical to them and their purpose.

The last line of the previous contact (November 17, 1962) reads as follows:

"Bob, the next regular contact is 0200 hours, December 1. Kylen-Rex signing clear."

I accepted that at face value, since there was no reason to question it. The "contact" reproduced in the file "C 19621201" occurred at the scheduled time. Because I was an atheist at the time, the startling and unprecedented information that it provided reinforced my own views and was therefore readily accepted. When it was over, the information was typed up and set aside per this instruction at the beginning:

"You have my advice not to reveal this."

The text does not say anywhere that there would be follow-up information. I thus assumed that it was provided for personal reference only, and did not discuss it with the Korendians. I did mention it to Gabriel Green, and after a while sent him a copy of it with the proviso that it was not for public release. After reading it, Mr. Green agreed completely with that restriction.

Nothing further was said of it, and it was forgotten until this project to commit all information to computer files was begun. When we were correlating the typed records that I had in my files with the Kors' records, we arrived at the contact of December 1, 1962. They informed me that there was no communication on that date, and requested that I relay it to them via the email address of one of their personnel in a nearby city.

I scanned the relevant carbon-copy pages and forwarded them to the agent. An hour later, I received a reply email asking me to log on to their computer system via a local phone number and my browser. I did so and we began an attempt to find out the truth almost 41 years later.

An intensive scan of their records turned up no communications on that date. When I sent them the line from the November 17 contact purporting to be from Kylen-Rex, they verified that he had closed that contact, but not with the line in question. They focused on the data recorded during the contact, and discovered in the communication system log a reference to a very subtle five-second signal anomaly involving a phase-shift between my receiver and their transmitter.

The communication techs studied it and decided that for five seconds I was receiving a signal from another transmitter. It was on the exact frequency, but the signal was about 10 out of phase with theirs, and the circuitry in my receiver transmitted the phase change to them, where it was logged and filed.

The conclusion we quickly reached was that persons unknown were monitoring the Korendian transmission and added the comment from Kylen-Rex in a very close simulation of his voice. The purpose was to set up the parameters for the faked contact of December 1.

We also concluded that the transmission was from a location very close to my home, probably within a few hundred feet, using low power and a highly directional antenna to avoid being detected by anyone else. The logical source was a wooded area across the road from me, which was a vacant lot at the time. It was also within the signal "footprint" of the transmission from the Kors.

Directly behind my home is a steep hill that would serve as a signal absorber to confine the reception to my immediate area. Needless to say, four decades later there is no trace of any such equipment, although the wooded area was scanned by a probe disc on the slightest chance that it might have been abandoned.

Continuing, this bogus transmission led to a thorough checking of all my typed copies and carbons from those years. Two Korendian agents and I studied every line of the hundreds of pages of copies, comparing them with their own records, looking for other erroneous information in my contacts and in my communications with Mr. Green based on them. We ferreted out a number of places where false information had been provided on this topic and on several others.

These fraudulent communications will be included in the files being created, since I do not wish to "cleanse" them. However, notes will be added to point them out. The "contact" in the 12/1/1962 file is included for historical purposes only, and does not represent the Korendian or Alliance views on the subjects.

The hostile forces that were were ultimately proven to be responsible for this deliberate disinformation were the same ones that prompted us to discontinue publicly-releasable contacts over a decade earlier.

The group in question calls itself by a name that translates approximately into "Omegans". They have used that name when their activities involved the use of the English language. They are therefore officially designated by the Alliance as Omegans.

A more detailed study of who and what they are will be the topic of a later report in this series. Suffice it to say that they have been involved on Earth for a long time, preceding our arrival by many decades. Their purpose is to shape Earth's people into a formidable military force for future use in warfare far beyond this little solar system. They are succeeding beyond even their expectations, because Earth's people have been at war for many thousands of years. The persistence of violence and hatred seem almost to be genetic in your species.

To be sure, your world is not unique. Many planets experience "growing pains" of militarism and violence as their people mature and develop. The vast majority of them pose no threat to anyone but themselves. Since there is no outside factor in their tribulations, the Alliance maintains a policy of non-interference.

Earth is a different matter. It has been under the influence of the Omegans for many years, and thus the Alliance interpretation of the laws of non-interference allows direct involvement.

It is most telling that Earth is in a large Confederation-controlled sector, and yet the Confederation persists in its adamant refusal to bend the rules to address the situation.

The irony is that the Omegan group was spawned on Confederation planets by power-hungry malcontents who availed themselves of the Confederation's stringent observance of non-interference directives. Their expanding power and influence were met with token resistance and a great deal of ineffectual bluster.

The Omegan forces, now in a temporary pact of convenience with an advanced but ruthlessly militaristic interstellar force known as the Kalran Empire (named for their home planet), have reached a level of power and resources that exceeds the Confederation's ability to confront them in war without suffering great losses and devastating casualties.

The Confederation's zealously legalistic adherence to neutrality, its "hands off" policy, has brought them to this state of inefficacy and impotence. It is difficult to "feel sorry" for them in view of what amounts to a self-inflicted wound.

Returning to the topic, the Omegans are shaping and manipulating your people into a formidable military power that one day will serve as their assault force in their quest for dominance in this sector. Your technological brilliance has not been matched by ethical and moral advancement. If anything, it seems as though your science and morality have an inverse relationship. As the former grows, the latter fades.

Since this is only the first in a series, I shall end it at this point. There is food for thought even in this brief introduction. As time passes, I shall go into greater detail about matters vital to your world.

For now, va I luce eno nol si unir. I am ArKay.


2008 Robert P. Renaud -- all rights reserved