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Update: 20190605

This page serves the purpose of allowing our Korendian visitors to respond to questions about or to comment on news items of interest. It was suggested by ArKay, who then provided the first entry.

Table of Contents

20100613 — Ashtar & Company
20100908 — Wendelle Stevens Passes On
20110414 — Korendor 4 Moons
20110513 — Spacecrafts: Bigger Is Not Better
20110528 — Who is "Alaje From The Pleiades"?
20131031 — Brain Implants in Earth's future?"?
20180422 — Lunar Lakes, Forests and Cities"?
20190605 — Humanoid aliens"

20100613 — Ashtar & Company

Good evening. I am ArKay.

Our brother Bob has informed us that several emails have asked him to comment on the personage known as Ashtar. Inasmuch as he is supposed to be an alien being, ergo in our bailiwick, we want to speak for Bob.

The Internet is replete with "channeled messages" from alleged celestial supermen, some from as far back as the 1950s — Monka (or Mon-Ka, depending on who is telling the tale), Merku, Voltra, Hatonn, Korton et al come to mind. However, the most prolific (or most notorious) of these is Ashtar, Lord Ashtar, Commander Ashtar, or whatever he is calling himself these days. The Web seems to be rife with "exclusive" channels for this being. One wonders how many of them can be operating simultaneously and still be exclusive. There are, after all, no degrees of exclusivity, any more than there are of uniqueness.

All of these dei ex machina share a common trait: they use a lot of words but say nothing. Their "messages" are full of high-sounding oratory and loaded with new-age buzzwords. However, when one penetrates the smoke of verbiage, there is essentially nothing new. Your people have an expression, "SSDD", which (edited for family viewing) means, "Same Stuff, Different Day".

The essence of the preachy prose is that there are millions of spaceships within a quick light trip from Earth (conveniently on a "higher plane of vibration" so that they are invisible), but they can't do one thing for Earth. Their "help" consists of barraging you with warnings and exhortations and challenges to get off your duffs, turn off "Survivor" and "American Idol", and save your world. To be very blunt, piffle!

It's time to be serious. We have said it before and I say it again now: any alien who tells you that they are powerless to assist your world, and that you alone are responsible for wresting it from the grasp of the dark forces is either having a cynical laugh at your expense or is actively trying to goad you into actions that will result in your total defeat if not your destruction.

There are indeed hostile forces on Earth, the primary ones being the Omegans, whom we have spoken of many times. There are several others, but they are posing no real peril to Earth and we are merely watching them. It cannot be stated often enough that under no conditions are you to attempt to find the Omegans, much less take them on in combat.

They are well aware of the power of the Alliance and are avoiding any actions that would instigate a direct confrontation, which would result in their annihilation. The conflict would have dire consequences for Earth and the other worlds where this situation exists, which is one factor that acts to restrain Alliance responses to deliberate provocations that test our will. That said, they know that there is a breakpoint beyond which we will deem that the effects on the involved worlds of eliminating the Omegan presence will be less harmful than allowing their operations to continue.

That "understanding" does not apply to the people of Earth. We give our stern warnings because we are aware that any Terran who engages the Omegans in combat, or who even appears to be challenging them, will die. That is a certainty. We have seen it happen many times over the years, and we have been unable to prevent it. The Omegans are many things, but they are not merciful. You are useful to their purposes, nothing more. They will not kill you en masse, but individuals and groups are as significant to them as mosquitos are to you. If you annoy them, they will swat you.

Returning to Ashtar and his lesser counterparts, we know of no such beings. Over the years we have concluded that there are two significant possibilities re the people who create such fanciful prose:

1. They delight in yanking your chain, as you say;
2. They are looking for what Andy Warhol called their 15 minutes of fame.

A third remote possibility is that they actually are in contact with someone who is part of, or in collusion with, the dark forces. We find no substantive evidence to support that premise, but we do not rule it out.

The best advice we can offer is to read the ramblings of Ashtar et al for their entertainment value, and be about your business. Leave the fighting against the dark forces to the pros.

Va i amas eso luce!

20100918 — Wendelle Stevens passes away

Good evening. I am ArKay.

It is with great sadness that I note the passing of yet another "old timer" in the field of UFO research and information.

Wendelle Stevens

Our brother Wendelle Stevens passed on to greater things on September 7, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona, leaving behind a gap in the field of UFOlogy that will not soon be be filled.

We will leave the details and the reminiscences to others who were familiar with the gentleman. I will say that he wore a badge that is the mark of a person of note in any field: he was either honored or disliked by everyone in the work who knew him. He could not simply be brushed aside. His effect on the study of UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations was and is unarguable. One can point to the low tactic of dragging out his earlier life events used by many of his critics in the absence of substantive argument as evidence that his labors were not in vain.

There is an old jest about debating that demonstrates that his detractors were at a loss to oppose him on the merits of his work:

  • If you have the facts, argue the facts.
  • If you have the law, argue the law.
  • If you have neither, attack your opponent.

The fact that his critics were reduced to ad hominem attacks spoke far more about his enemies than about him.

Va i amas eso luce, our gentle brother. The Infinite One be with you.

Update: here is a very good article by Dr. Michael Salla:

Famed researcher of human extraterrestrial contact passes away

20110414 — Korendor 4 Moons

I am ArKay. Our brother Bob, after receiving a Google alerts email, has informed us of the appearance of a Web-based book entitled, "Korendor 4 Moons". Aside from the fact that Korendor does indeed have four moons — Amar, Kalda, Renir and Kimar — as has been stated on the TerraKor website in the section containing my messages, there has been no other communication to anyone about them. Accessing the book requires signing up for a file-sharing service. Based on the extremely questionable nature of the publication, we recommend not wasting the money.

It is our unvarying policy that any information that we choose to share with the people of Earth will be provided by and ONLY by brother Bob through his website.

Caveat emptor.

20110414 — Spacecrafts: Bigger Is Not Better

I am ArKay. Brother Bob has asked me to comment on the concept of extremely large space crafts allegedly in use by various Confederation groups, with some claims running as high as 4000 miles in length.

I first refer the reader to the contact of 20 July 1963, Chapter 14: Questions and Answers. The last question was this:

Q: What are the smallest and largest crafts ever produced in the Alliance?

A: The smallest by far was more a scientific curiosity than anything else. It was three inches in diameter, an inch thick at the center, and contained a magnetometer, a gravitometer, a TV camera, a radio pickup, and transmitters for all of them, in addition to the propulsion and computing devices.

The largest is the "Monstrous MA-X", as it is informally called, although it is officially known as the MA-X Mobile World. It was built over a period of five cendrols [Note: 521 days from construction start to operational status], at a cost of 160 billion kole [Note: 1 kol - approximately $63.55 in 2008 dollars]. It is spherical, roughly 2500 miles in diameter, and required the concerted effort of 35,700,000 men and women, working in round-the-clock shifts.

Although designed to carry large numbers of people for light years to act as expeditionary and exploratory groups, it has been used for evacuation of entire worlds when natural disasters to those worlds were unavoidable.

MA-X still exists, but its last use was over 30 Earth years ago. It brought a contingent of Alliance scientists, technologists and construction specialists to a world about 8 light years from Korendor. It remained in orbit around the planet for the duration of their stay, during which they built a permanent manned facility for astrophysical research and study. The trip there included all the people involved and all the construction and scientific equipment.

The return of MA-X to Korendor was considerably quicker, since it had left about 70% of the mass and 99% of the people on the planet. Nevertheless, the energy consumption of the return flight resulted in a decision to forego any further use as an interstellar vehicle.

MA-X has been decommissioned and put into permanent orbit around Korena, between Korendor and Korenhal. It will be used as a multifunction facility for both government and private activities.

The primary issue with such enormous vehicles is the prodigious power required to accelerate them to and decelerate them from interstellar velocities. MA-X was a near-light-velocity vehicle. Even though it was constructed to make it as light as possible, and its accel and decel ramps were over a period of months of your time, the raw energy needed to move it could no longer be justified.

Therefore, when one sees claims of vehicles thousands of miles long, consider them with a healthy dose of skepticism. The largest known Confederation vessel was approximately 580 miles in diameter. Like MA-X, it was not constructed as a solid-hulled vehicle, but rather as an open spherical framework containing a large number of modules of varying sizes that could be added or removed as needed, with the framework serving as ducts for interconnecting the modules.

Further, look with doubt at claims that a vessel of that size is anything other than spherical. From an engineering standpoint, the sphere is the ideal shape for a given volume.

I trust that this has addressed brother Bob's questions. Va i amas eso luce. I am ArKay.

20110528 — Who Is "Alaje From The Pleiades"?

I am ArKay. While searching the Internet for references to Korendor, we came upon this most interesting page.

Question: I am curious about the one that was a picture of a blond women. Can you tell me who she is?

Answer: Yes, this woman is from planet Korendor. Korendor is a planet close to Arcturus.

Who is the blonde woman in one of Alaje's videos?

Inasmuch as I am not familiar with every blonde field agent, a question was posed throughout the Project Terra internal network on whether any of our female agents, blonde or otherwise, know of a Pleiadean named Alaje. Not surprisingly, the response was 100% negative. Our male agents also never heard of this person.

Having nothing better to do, we "surfed" through the website and his "channel" on YouTube. In doing so, we came to another fascinating page.

Question: I have read some information in The TerraKor Files: http://www.berkshire.net/~brenaud/index.htm supposedly written by Robert Bob Renaud. I just wanted to ask you, is there any truth in this material, because i remember that you mentioned Bob Renaud some time ago in your answers. He claims that he visited planet Korrendor several times, but some things just don't make sense in his statements.

Answer: Yes , Bob Renaud's books from the 60es are very good. But the new informations you can find in the Internet about Bob Renaud, seem to be manipulated and not clean.

Can Bob Renaud be trusted?

Bob has not indicated whether or not he is flattered to be mentioned by a person claiming to be a Pleiadean, but I will speak in his stead. The better question is, "Can Alaje be trusted?"

There are no stars within the Pleiades cluster that have planets, let alone planets with life. Most of the stars are young, astrophysically speaking, too young to have developed planetary systems. And yes, I have seen the page where Alaje spins a fanciful yarn to "explain" why that objection is invalid.

The only interstellar species that could be called Pleiadeans live on a world behind the cluster from your perspective and about 20 light years from it. Its parent star cannot be seen, as it is almost directly in line with Alcyone. The inhabitants of that world are, to be kind, isolationists. They strongly reject any allegiance to or even contact with the Alliance or the Confederation. As such, although we monitor them, they are off-limits to further attempts to deal with them. If they decide to approach us, they know how to do so. We don't expect it. Their interstellar activity is restricted to sub-light travel and thusfar involves only a small number of nearby stars.

So we have the situation of reports of Pleiadean visitors using that fellow in Switzerland as their mouthpiece, and this Alaje who purports to be one of them. They are on a par with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

Aside from the usual "new age" rhetoric that is long on words and short on substance, the "Pleiadeans" have nothing to offer. Va i amas eso luce. I am ArKay.

Addendum: 20141220

The above links are dead. He has a YouTube "channel", but listening to the fellow for more than a minute takes far more tolerance and/or gullibility than I can muster. There are scattered references on the Web to the above two quotes, but the pages where they appear are, shall we say, several bricks shy of a full hod.

Addendum: 20190715

I tracked down a page called "All Questions and Answers on one Page (Full)". I will not link to the page. Google or Bing can find it. The page lists all of the fellow's piffle. Here is a snippet from his response to science re the Pleiades.

Do earth scientists know the age of the pleiades?

Question: Hello Alaje, some scientists claims that, "One problem with the Pleiadian hypothesis is that the stars in the Pleiades are only tens of millions of years old, while billions of years are needed to develop planets with life and civilizations". How do you explain that?

Answer: What makes you think that the Earth scientists know how old the Pleiades are? They don't even know why they are on Earth and many of them are smoking poison. ...

That is a classic response to science when the arrant foolishness of snake-oil peddlers is called into question. Don't address the issue. Attack the scientists. The fellow then proceeds to cite a "higher dimension" and other New Age jargon. In the end, he just demonstrates that he is clueless.

The cold, hard fact: the stars in the Pleiades cluster have no planets. There are no Pleiadeans.

20131031 — Brain Implants in Earth's future?

I am ArKay. Our brother Bob sent us a link to an article on the website of the Boston Globe newspaper.

Worldwide, 100,000 people have electrical implants in their brains to treat the involuntary movements associated with Parkinson's disease, and scientists are experimenting with the technique for depression and other disorders.

But today's so-called deep brain stimulation does not monitor its own effectiveness, partly because complex ailments like depression do not have defined biological signatures.

The federal Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, known as DARPA, announced Thursday that it intended to spend more than $70 million over five years to jump to the next level of brain implants, either by improving deep brain stimulation or by developing new technology.

Justin Sanchez, DARPA program manager, said that for scientists now, the goal is improving the technology.

Pentagon agency to spend $70m on brain implant research

Are they reading brother Bob's writings?

This brings back memories of how Korendor's implant networks began. The first implants were created for medical care and biological research. Once they proved to be effective, the next step was expanding what could be done with them. The expanded uses began with direct interface with computers and security systems, home and vehicle access and other simple tasks. The next major step was providing personal intercommunication for anyone within the immediate area.

Then came the dedicated networks that rapidly expanded planet-wide, similar in purpose to Earth's cell phone networks. The number of people opting for implants increased dramatically — they are not mandatory, but few of us refused to be "chipped", as you say. The implants were always connected to the nearest transponder, and as a result the networks became overloaded, slowing them down until they became unusable. Generation 7 allowed the users to turn the implants off when not actually using them. This resulted in important or critical communications being missed.

Addressing that issue, the next upgrade, Generation 7.5, provided a standby mode that maintained contact with the network but otherwise was inactive. It proved to be a good choice, since it avoided massive and costly expansion of the networks. A further refinement were the local "repeaters" that gave the users contact with each other and with area centers, freeing the planetary network transponders from dealing with regional communications.

The most crucial function starting with Generation 6 was direct interface with our portal networks, which fundamentally transfomed the entire technology. Prior to G-6, portals were required to convert the entire body into energy and transmit it to the receiving portal, where it would be rematerialized, atom for atom. Even with our technology, that required massive energy consumption and data streams.

With Generation 6, the implant provided a "snapshot" of the brain's status at the moment of transport. After that, only the implant record was transmitted. The rest of the body was constructed on the receiving end. What previously took many seconds was reduced to a few microseconds, and the energy consumption was reduced by over 10,000 to 1.

There were, as you say, "glitches" in the Generation 6 system that resulted in random errors in reconstruction and programming the brain. Generation 7 used far more sophisticated algorithms that led to an error rate of less than one in ten to the 20th power, and the brain programming became flawless.

We are now up to generation 10, with capabilities that astound even me. It is at the point where it has become more challenging to think of new things to do with the implants than to do them.

I write this with a word of caution. Implant technology can be a blessing to a society, but on worlds where science and technology have far outpaced spiritual and moral growth, it can be an instrument of great evil. Once science has provided direct access to the brains of a population, there exists a way of shaping the people's thinking and behavior in ways that can lead only to the stuff of nightmares. Suppression if not total control is possible.

I wish only the best for your world. That is why this news item gives me cause for great concern. I hope that before this technology matures, your world's cultures mature so that only good things will come of it.

Va i amas eso luce. I am ArKay.

20180422 — Moon lake?

I am ArKay, resuming this series after 1634 days in order to address a point raised by our brother Bob.

His site Guestbook has over the past few days become a soapbox for an individual who has attempted to "debunk" the site based on this statement by the Master Kalen-Li during brother Bob's second lunar excursion on July 28, 1967.

"The tales of lakes, forests, and sprawling cities are just so much nonsense. You will see more surface bases, of course, since there is no reason to hide them on the far side, but otherwise things are pretty much the same on the entire moon."

The wannabe debunker's claim is that the lunar crater Tsiolkovsky on the far side of the moon is in fact a huge water-filled lake. His "evidence" is a page on the Imgur image-sharing website. On that page is a copy of a scan of a 1969 fringe group newsletter. Also on the page are several amateurishly edited, low-res photos of the crater from the Apollo era.

It is the sort of stuff that one tends to find on the websites of "flying saucer" true believers. Typically, the page contains the apparently mandatory claim that world governments are suppressing the "truth" about this enormous lunar lake, and have doctored every lunar orbiter image of the crater. Of course the claim is not supported by even a shred of evidence for it, nor the merest rationale for this alleged world-wide cover-up.

Is there water on the moon? Yes, in the form of deposits of ice in deep craters in the polar regions, where the crater bottoms are not exposed to direct sunlight. However, the notion that lakes of liquid water, forests and large cities exist on the moon is found only in the ramblings of scientifically uninformed saucer cultists.

The hard fact is that it is physically impossible for liquid water to exist on the lunar surface. One reason is that water's evaporation temperature decreases in a vacuum. Although the moon has a trace atmosphere, it is about 0.00000000001% of the density of Earth's atmosphere. At that low pressure, water rapidly vaporizes. If there were liquid water on the lunar surface in the early days of the moon, it would have evaporated many millions of years ago. Solar energy would then have decomposed the water vapor into free hydrogen and oxygen, which would have chemically combined with surface materials or dissipated into space.

Despite the absurd claims, lakes, vegetation and cities on the moon are myths. Va i luce. I am ArKay.

20190605 — Humanoid aliens

An interesting question arose during a YouTube video on aliens: why are all those who have visited Earth basically humanoid? Are all lifeforms in the universe humanoid? I raised these questions during a routine communication with ArKay. The following is his reply.

There are myriad lifeforms in this galaxy alone that are non-humanoid. In our exploration throughout the galaxy, we have discovered a significant percentage of lifeforms that would be unrecognizable as such. However, to a one, they are not spacefarers, nor even technological.

The reasoning is very simple. For a species to develop a culture that involves even primitive physical development and advancement, the species must be capable of tool-making. That is an absolute. If you look at your own world, humans alone are capable of building structures for shelter, dwelling, working, et al. Even the most developed simian species, despite their physical similarity to humans, are incapable of such activities.

What does a species require in order to build, operate and maintain vehicles capable of flight, let alone flight beyond their planet's atmosphere?

The first prerequisite is a planet that contains the necessary raw materials. A species whose world is low in easily accessible metallic elements can never advance mechanically, industrially or technologically. Consider a planet where elements such as iron, copper, aluminum, and other metals are hard to obtain. Such planets are not as uncommon as one might expect. Inhabitants of such worlds are capable of awesome intellectual and spiritual advancement, but physically they are invariably primitive.

Assuming that a planet has ample, fairly easily accessible resources of the needed materials, tool-making is the next necessity. The ability to create tools to manufacture unnatural objects from available materials, be they buildings or spacecrafts, is mandatory.

And that leads to the premise of this essay. Having tools requires species that are capable of using them. E.g., piling wood, nails and a hammer in the back yard and expecting the dog to use them to build a doghouse says little for the intellect of the dog's owner.

So what would the species seeking to build a spaceship require, aside from an insatiable scientific curiosity about those lights in the night sky? There are a few basic requirements.

To begin, it presupposes that the beings are physically equipped to create, manufacture, hold and manipulate tools. This requires physical dexterity, at least one arm and hand with opposable digits for gripping. More likely, it will require two such interacting extremities -- three or more would be essentially useless.

One must mention the appalling lack of intelligence and logic in science fiction movies and shows, where space-faring aliens frequently have huge hands and fingers. No mention is made about how they used those unwieldy hands to build a superbly technological machine capable of interstellar travel.

Next it requires a visual system that can see and direct the actions of the arms and hands. This mandates stereoscopic vision, the ability to see the environment in three dimensions. Lacking a perception of depth severely restricts the utility of the arms and hands. Two eyes are all that is required. Like the arms and hands, three or more would be functionless. If the number of eyes were a factor, most spiders have 8 eyes. Are they world builders?

Their legs and feet are far less critical, ergo they embrace a large range of shapes, sizes, and to a reasonable extent, number. However, the overwhelming majority of humanoid species that have been discovered thusfar have two lower extremities that are proportional to their body sizes. We assume that in the Infinite One's mind, that's the norm.

The vast majority of space-travelling species are easily recognized as humanoid, despite numerous variations in appearance. To this date, we have not encountered a spacecraft manned by squids or bees.

Va i luce, brother.

2019 Robert P. Renaud -- all rights reserved