The Science of Modeling

The Art of Figure Drawing, The Science of Modeling

The First Rule: Life Models are doing something that
99% of the people who attend life drawing sessions
and at least 99.99% of the total population haven't
done and would never be courageous enough to do.

Life Models are a very rare breed indeed. Thank them!

This site is a primer for beginning or prospective
life models. If you find it useful or informative,
please share it with others on your sites or blogs.

Latest Update: 20171209


       •  The Star Of The Show

       •  Is A Life Model Nude Or Naked?

  Am I Too ( Insert Adjective Here )?

       •  How Old Is Too Old To Be A Life Model?

       •  Chris's Life Modelling Poses

       •  So How Do I Find Work?

       •  Getting Your Bare Foot In The Door

       •  What The Artists Want And What To Expect

  Rules of The Road for Life Models  

       •  On Life Models

       •  Part 1: The Basics Of Life Modeling

       •  Part 2: Tips For Being A Professional Life Model

       •  Part 3: Know Your Rights As A Model

       •  Part 4: A Few Resources For Prospective Models

       •  Part 5: Watch And Learn

  Poses In Depth

       •  The Six Pose Types

              •  Type 1: Stretched Poses

              •  Type 2: Moving Poses

              •  Type 3: Idealized Poses

              •  Type 4: Character Poses

              •  Type 5: Sports Or Fashion Poses

              •  Type 6: Natural Poses

       •  Poses 101

              •  General Considerations For Poses

              •  The Reclining Pose

       •  After The Session

  File Under "M" For Miscellaneous

       •  Easy Money?

       •  Do I Have To Draw "Those Things"?

       •  Art In Pictures

       •  Training The Newcomers To Life Modeling

  From The Inbox  

  The Last Page

       •  The Raison D'Ítre

       •  Once A Life Model...

       •  Site Info and Geek Stuff


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The Science of Modeling


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