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This is a growing collection of transcripts, indexes, and photographs
related to the history of Columbia County, NY.
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Oral Histories and Folklore Collections

This will be a set of transcripts of interviews done in Columbia County, New York. I hope to introduce transcripts regularly.

A Gazetteer of the State of New York - 1813

by Horation Gates Spafford includes an early description of Columbia County locales.

The Coumbia County Gazetteer 1871-1872

gives the name, post office, occupation and acreage farmed of every resident in Columbia County. So far only Ghent has been processed.

Federal Censuses of Columbia County

A census of Columbia County, NY has been taken by the Federal Government every ten years since 1790.

State Censuses of Columbia County

A census of Columbia County, NY has been taken by the State Government every ten years from 1855 to 1915.

Dilaway F. Philip and William J. Coons Papers

Dilaway Philip operated a farm in the area of West Ghent, N.Y. during the nineteenth century. Upon his death in the 1880's his son-in-law, William J. Coons, took over the operation of the farm. The papers, receipts, deeds, checks and other documents of the operation of this farm luckily were passed down the years until 1983 when the estate was liquidated and the papers fell into my hands.

Probate Records of Early Columbia County

Probate records of Columbia County and it's residents through the early nineteenth century.

Images of Early Columbia County

Images of Columbia County and it's residents through the early twentieth century.

Early Columbia County Deeds

A selection of deeds registered in the Columbia County Court House through the early twentieth century.

The Architecture of Columbia County

Columbia County Architecture, both important and common.

The Fraternal Organizations of Columbia County

The GAR, Masons, and other fraternal organizations played an important part in the development of modern Columbia County, though it was often played in the background.

Columbia County History Offline

No surprise, most of Columbia County, NY's historical material is found in historical societies, libraries and other, more traditional, repositories of our past. Here's where to find them.

Columbia County Queries

A place to ask questions of a genealogical or historical nature regarding Columbia County.

Columbia County Bibliography

The trickiest part of writing a bibliography of Columbia County, NY is knowing where to stop.

Columbia County Links

Kinderhook Reformed Church 21 Broad Street, Kinderhook, NY 12106 (History)

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